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Warning: Year 2020 Educational Content Article #1. In Year 2020, I Will Share Educational Data That Has Political Context

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My New Year's Resolution is to spend LESS time trying to educate the science-denying RIGHT, which admittedly is a fruitless endeavor, and spend MORE time spreading TRUTH, FACTS, and HUMAN PROGRESS.

What the Hell.

Call me Johnny Rotten Appleseed.

This might actually be productive. 


ARTICLE ONE, Year 2020:

In 1962, our brightest military minds decided to heave a 1.4 MT nuke out into space.

And surprising virtually no one with an iota of conscience, or intuitive caution, one by one, our own satellites began winking-out.

Now, scientists are considering what kind of Clean-Up actions are necessary to cleanse the resultant radioactive particles in our near-Earth orbit area of space, particles that were captured by Earth's magnetic field and now endanger future expeditionary voyages.   

I remember once momentarily congratulating myself for suggesting we should just fire all of our nuclear waste spent rods into a convenient active volcano, but 10 seconds later, I sadly realized that no matter how fast we could send that spent rod downrange and into the Underworld, or how deeply we could shoot them into a vast pool of magma, ALL the radiation would STILL be returned immediately to our atmosphere.

So, the only REAL 'safe" place we can dump radioactive waste is by sending it straight through space and into the sun. 

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