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Spanky Told Mar-a-Lago Pals; "Big" Iran Action "Soon"

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Spanky Told Mar-a-Lago Pals; "Big" Iran Action "Soon"

January 3, 2020


"In the five days prior to launching a strike that killed Iran’s most important military leader, Donald Trump roamed the halls of Mar-a-Lago, his private resort in Florida, and started dropping hints to close associates and club-goers that something huge was coming.


According to three people who’ve been at the president’s Palm Beach club over the past several days, Trump began telling friends and allies hanging at his perennial vacation getaway that he was working on a “big” response to the Iranian regime that they would be hearing or reading about very “soon.”




Those Mar-a-Lago guests received more warning about Thursday’s attack than Senate staff did, and about as much clarity. A classified briefing on Friday, the first the administration gave to the Hill, featured broad claims about what the Iranians were planning and little evidence of planning to bring about the “de-escalation” the administration says it wants.


According to three sources either in the room or told about the discussion, briefers from the State Department, Pentagon, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence claimed that killing Soleimani was designed to block Iranian plans to kill hundreds or even thousands of Americans in the Mideast. That would be a massive escalation from the recent attack patterns of Iran and its regional proxies, who tend to kill Americans in small numbers at a time.


Then Vice President Mike Pence falsely suggested Iran was behind 9/11."






"Somebody grab the hat.....before he gets away."."




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DJ Trump and the U.S. Military looked the Ayatollahs right square in the eye, and said,

"If you boys are feeling froggy, then why don't you just go ahead and make a jump"?


"WANT SOME...GET SOME" !!!!                     😎

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Why does this anti american right wing ALEC party believe it can violate laws, rules of engagement, violate ethical standards and become an impromptu dictatorship? 

Why do republicans continue to vote blindly for candidates who are obviously not republicans? 

Make no mistake: Trump’s actions are an act of war. Taken without any authorization or declaration of war from Congress, seriously escalating this tit for tat conflict, pushing us deeper into an endless quagmire and dangerously undermining our national security. 

Look what is still on the table and waiting for the right moment……. Mueller did the hard work! 7 Articles of Impeachment https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/03/here-are-seven-reasons-trump-should-be-impeached/ 

Case For Trump Impeachment Goes Beyond Ukraine https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/09/case-for-trump-impeachment-goes-beyond-ukraine.html 

A president of the USA practicing Extortion which is a criminal offense should be prosecuted accordingly. 

A president of the USA requesting assistance from a foreign government that could impact an election is against the law. Impeachment is the easy way out for tRump. 


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