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How Should Democrats Proceed Once The Senate Acquits Trump?

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This is a crucial question.  Here Thomas Geoghegan offers his opinion




What Democrats Can Do After the Senate Acquits Trump

They can sue to prevent the president from trying to rig the election.


Here’s a message to Democrats and all patriots: Don’t give up when the Senate acquits Donald Trump. 

File suit right away to prevent him from going to any foreign government to fix the election. 
The House bill of impeachment makes clear that Trump used the power of his office -- indeed, compromised his obligation to defend the country -- when he held up aid to Ukraine to extract a partisan advantage in 2020. As federal citizens, we have a right under the First Amendment to a free and fair election, without the highest government officer of the land using corrupt means to help his re-election.
The lawsuit to stop Trump from continuing this course of action would not seek retroactive relief. This would not be a damages claim, but an order to stop him in the future.
A plaintiff in a lawsuit has a right to seek prospective injunctive relief to stop a pattern of corrupt activity from continuing. Any threat to interfere with rights under the First Amendment is usually “irreparable injury,” which justifies issuing an injunction.

To say the least, there is a pattern of conduct by Trump to justify such action.

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