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Traitor Trump: Criminal & Incompetent!

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Traitor Trump's criminal activities have been proven and documented by many agencies of government. 

The state of NY found that the "Trump Charity" was a fraud, and shut it down. They fined the so called "Trump U." $25 million for defrauding the students with false syllabus claims.

The Mueller Report listed 10 instances where Trump committed obstructions of justice as president!

The House Intelligence committee found that Trump was attempting to extort a foreign ally, Ukraine, to do favors on his behalf, and the House Judiciary committee held him accountable for defying the U.S. Constitution, and not responding to the lawful subpoenas of Congress as provided in Article 1.

And there is a posse of prosecutors from all over America, who want to indict Traitor Trump for numerous other crimes, as soon as the shield of the WH comes down.


In addition, Donald Trump's ignorance, narcissism, and depravity have led to one failure after another as his "public policies," which are rooted in greed and stupidity cause Americans one problem after another.

His so called "Trade War," with China has been a disaster for America's farmers and the Federal Reserve has just concluded a study that showed Trump's tariffs have had a negative effect on the U.S. economy.

His tax cuts for the rich, which was an obvious swindle of the middle class from the get go, is now causing federal deficits to climb at record rates and have passed the $1 trillion/year mark as corporations and individuals hide even more money in off-shore tax havens, because the Trump/GOP tax law was so ill-conceived, and so sloppily written!

Trump's environmental "policy," is basically to allow polluting corporations to dump their toxic wastes back into our  air and water, thereby jeopardizing the public health, but so long as these rogue corporations keep those "donations" coming to the Trump and Republican Party campaigns, the EPA will remain impotent.


Climate Change and Foreign policy are also areas of failure if not criminal malfeasance by Trump and the Republican Party, as they ignore the Russian threat to our national security, just as they pretend that Climate Change is a "Hoax," so their fossil fuel patrons keep those "donations" coming!!


Donald Trump and the Republican Party are both dangers to the American people, and both should be made history in 2020!!! 




Trump failures on constant TV display (except on Fox "news")!!!



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