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On This Date in 1863 Republicans Freed the Slaves

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Republicans rejoiced. Democrats cursed.

Hell, Democrats hated the President then, almost as much as they hate Trump now.

Grand Old Partisan reported:


On New Year’s Day in 1863, the Republican Party’s Emancipation Proclamation came into effect. While Republicans rejoiced, Democrat politicians and newspapers denounced President Abraham Lincoln (R-IL) for freeing slaves.


Demonstrating their depravity, New York’s Gov. Horatio Seymour, who would be the 1868 Democrat presidential nominee, denounced the Emancipation Proclamation as “a proposal for the butchery of women and children.”


The Louisville Daily Democrat called it “an outrage of all constitutional law, all human justice, all Christian feeling.”


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DemocRats daily call for gov't enslavement of all of us.


Someday there will be "A new birth of freedom" when the Progs communism is undercut by individual freedom and achievement by the better of us.


Tyrannical fantasies of the power-mad one-worlders will always be movie script villians.


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I'll bet the newly freed slaves are all turning over in their graves when they see what has happened to 'thier people.'


By the turn of the century...there were rich people amongst them and most of the others made a niche for themselves.

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