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Trump Orders Tumbleweeds to Close Interstate

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11 minutes ago, Fit2Serve said:

At New Mexico State, we spend three hours gathering up dried tumbleweeds. Five pickup truck loads. We put them in a gully, removing all the surrounding vegetation and set them on fire.  They damn near EXPLODED with a huge WHOOSH!  You could see it for miles, they say, for about ten minutes.



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6 minutes ago, Duck615 said:


How many tablespoons of sh~t do I have to cram down your scrawny little rube pencilneck today, to feed and temporarily mitigate your "Bad word" addiction? 

FACT: There are only two words in Rubber Ducky's vocabulary: "faggot" and "asswipe."

I guess that's all he ever heard Mommy and Daddy say, back home at the Sewage Facility.


Someone needs to examine why Rubber Ducky is infatuated with Gay Sex and colonic activity.  



Rubber Duck-Ugly needs Bozo the Orange Ass-Klown to write him some new posting material.

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