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Grade Schools: New Leftist Frontlines

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Grade Schools: New Leftist Frontlines

For decades we have said that there is a liberal slant in education, a leftist bias. But the concept of tacit liberal influence is in the distant past. Today, liberalism is at the forefront. Liberalism is the curriculum.


Grade schools throughout the country are rewriting their history curriculums based on today's leftist politics. Some Illinois, New York and New Jersey public schools are teaching a collection of New York Times leftist opinion essays known as the 1619 Project as factual objective history. This leftist propaganda project audaciously rewrites our history as a country that was started as a "slavocracy" in 1619 and attempts to prove that "nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery." Select Vermont, Oregon, California, and Washington state public schools will be teaching "social justice" and "institutionalized racism" in place of mathematics, because, wait for it ... math is racist. 


And, a growing list of private schools throughout the country are rolling out the Pollyanna curriculum, which teaches kids that "racism is a primary institution of the United States" and requires political compliance by students for "rectifying current social ills, such as learning and planning how to carry out anti-racist activism and/or social advocacy.


Race-baiting has effectively replaced history class (even math class for some). But classroom indoctrination isn't enough. The leftist puppeteering is only effective if it transcends the bounds of schoolhouses.


Leftists are successfully manipulating our children, one mind at a time. The 2019 YouGov poll of Millennials showed that 70% are likely to vote socialist. American leftists are becoming as effective at scholastic brainwashing as the socialists in the USSR, China, and East Germany.

What will be the next chapter of American history? Are we the next Venezuela? 



Hitler would be Proud Seig Heil

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10 minutes ago, Duck615 said:

Sad democrats founded the most hated hate group of all time... The KKK

Penis68 loves them he always shows me a picture of one of them. It might even be him!



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5 hours ago, Phoenix68 said:





Harry's other little one.




"Give us the child for 8 years
and it will be a Bolshevik forever."

- Vladimir Lenin -



The NEA:
Taking 12 years to do
what Vladimir Lenin did in 8.

(Although, they have added Neutering)


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The only protection from the Constitutionally protected Leftest Controlled Media...


...is a well-educated civil society and electorate.



Academic Communists, not being protected by the Constitution,

should be hunted down like the NEA Taliban they are.




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