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Surprised no one has attacked Trump for alerting the Russians to a terrorist attack

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2 minutes ago, NeoConvict said:

Was Trump right to warn Moscow of an impending terrorist attack?


Friends help friends...…..in the fight against evil.

And isn't it better to be friends, and even business partners, with Russia, than both of us shooting nuclear ICBM's at each other?

Enemies of the past, do not have to be our enemies of the future.  Fences can be mended, with a little Christian behavior involved. 

"Do unto others...…..".    Look at Britain and Japan.     


I rest my case.

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2 minutes ago, slideman said:


6 minutes ago, JinnMartini said:


And you know even less about whether he  "rarely"  reads or not, you fucking retarded, brainwashed piece of shit !


Anonymous told us this, this was reported by Woodward and many others.

As for brainwashed pieces of crap, you have the forum prize for that. Dense, illiterate, hateful and obnoxious. You are a genocidal POS,

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