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Pundits Want Donald Trump To Disappear

August 30, 2015


"Mystified by the Sphinx-like appeal of Donald Trump, our professional pundit class is eagerly awaiting the moment when the real-estate baron and reality TV brand utters the one outrageous quip that causes the whole Trump bubble to expire.


GOP strategist Brad Todd told Politico that once the process of primary deliberation begins in earnest, the Trump campaign will take its rightful place in the dustbin of American political history. When people start “passing out actual ballots at elementary schools at a thousand Iowa caucus locations, making this less like ‘American Idol’ and more like a decision with consequences” Todd said, Trump will be toast.


But the widespread wish to dismiss Trump as a fly-by-night political celebrity gets no closer to the heart of his surprise one-man siege of the GOPs top tier. The unlikely spectacle of a billionaire media exhibitionist spearheading a populist conservative revolt more likely stems from the most obvious and fundamental truth about this primary cycle: Donald Trump is a loud, brash, self-promoting rebuke to the great American myth of meritocratic achievement.


Think about it. It’s a long-standing political rite of passage for candidates to advertise their bona fides as self-made strivers.


Even coddled princelings of the overclass, such as George W. Bush and his younger brother Jeb, had to peddle the laughable fable that they overcame personal adversity and assorted market challenges to hoist their already well-known names in the public firmament.


More commonly, presidential hopefuls will play up the story of how they acquired their selfless devotion to public in the school of hard knocks."









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