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Quid Pro Quo Joe Knows What America Wants…

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45 minutes ago, PoliticalPopUp said:



The Biden Gaff Machine said recently that he would not answer to a subpoena.

He quickly reversed his position.

Yesterday he said that people in Texas should not be allowed to carry guns into a Church.

The Texans who heard that bent over and gagged.

The Biden staff is worried about his gaffs. 

They are now following him around.....with Pooper-Scooper.                          😊..🥃


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1 hour ago, PoliticalPopUp said:

Quid Pro Quo Joe Knows What America Wants…








March 10, 2017


"President Trump has inherited an economy that set a record Friday with 77 consecutive months of job growth, or, as he put it, a mess.”




The bad news for Trump is that there isnt much he can do to speed this up.


Infrastructure spending would certainly help, but that's reportedly been pushed off for at least a year, and, given Republican priorities, might not happen at all. Tax cuts for the rich, meanwhile, don’t have much bang for the buck, stimulative-wise.


Other than that, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the extent of his economic policymaking has been taking credit for business decisions that companies had already made, in some cases years ago. That might get a lot of retweets, but it wont create any jobs.


The good news for Trump, though, is that there isnt much he can do to slow this down, either. The economy has its own momentum, and it’s hard to see what could knock it off.


All Trump has to do is nothing....which even an administration as dysfunctional as his might be able to do."












March 11, 2015



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