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No one should HAVE to work if (s)he doesn't want to.

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And we should still all have decent means to lead a decent life.



We are not born to be slaves


Much less rats in a rats'  race.


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My first post! This is some low hanging harmless fruit, I'm surprised after >100 reads no one has responded. I couldn't agree more "No one should HAVE to work if she doesn't want to."


I would think you'd know this living in Alaska, 'work' is not a requirement to live in the U.S., or any other country I can think of. Paying taxes is also not a requirement, just live off the land friend. You'll get no grief from anyone, unless you try to live off someone else's land. I recommend the lifestyle of Henry David Thoreau for you, and give his book Civil Disobedience a read. 


Not sure what you mean by 'decent means to lead a decent life'. Are you a slave because you have to feed your gut or to breath air? This will require 'some' work. There are endless ways to take care of yourself in the wild without man-made items like bullets and clothes. Living in Alaska though you can get a few of these things with your $1,606 tax dividend (if you chose to accept it). Over a lifetime this is ~$95,000, seems generous. 


Anyhoo - since you have a computer and an opinion I presume you have no plans to strike out into the wilderness. Maybe consider mining bitcoin...? Careful though, make too much dinero and the tax man will come looking for you.



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