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So...You Trump Children KNOW That Cheeto Jesus Is Nuttier Than An Sh*thouse Rat....RIGHT? RIGHT?

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5 hours ago, benson13 said:




Honestly, when I see stuff like this I'm at a loss for words....





Here's the thing.....


Almost NONE of the rightwingnut so-called (or pseudo) "Christians" ignorantly mouthing off in America are actually true Christians.


They are almost always social poseurs masquerading as "Christians" in order to acquire money, power, and phony social status.


Look at that insane political wacko pictured in the OP.....


Does anyone in their right mind actually believe that she and her moronic rightwingnut ilk in any way embody true Christian values?


Like.....love God with all yout heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself, (even if their skin happens to be brown or black or whatever).....do not murder.....do not steal.....do not commit adultery.....do not tell lies about other people or accuse anyone falsely.....do not envy other's possessions.....have compassion for the less fortunate, the oppressed and the downtrodden (like refugees fleeing violence, oppression and starvation).....joyous service to humankind and benevolence and love towards all living things.....humility and an absence of self-aggrandizement.....thankfulness and acceptence of whatever God gives you to deal with.....a peaceful heart with ill-will towards none, and mercy towards all....a love of justice (Justice is ‘Looking after each other so that everyone has a fair share of what they need’) and fair honest dealing, wisdom and truthfullness.


Or does she, along with almost all other Trumpanzees, embody greed, envy, pathological dishonesty and deceitfulness, egomania, racism, bigotry, prejudice, cold-hearted indifference, lack of compassion or Christian love, and raging power lust?


Spiritually, it is very obvious who is who!



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