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The rednecks won't like this...

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I don’t let politics infect my enjoyment of mixed martial arts. With the exceptions of Fedor Emelianko and Anderson Silva in their prime, I usual don’t care who wins; I just like a good fight. Fedor’s decline hit me very hard, and I didn’t take Silva’s decline well either. I still feel prime Fedor is the most dangerous person to ever walk the world of mma.

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46 minutes ago, benson13 said:

wasn't the ConMan representing All-Star Wrestling for awhile????.....LFAO!!!


beanie thinks that "wrestling" is for real.


Psssst. Schitstain. It's for ENTERTAINMENT, but still requires a tremendous amount of athletic ability to perform.


Add to it, those who own and promote it are filthy RICH.


You won't find that on the NY Slimes or LSDNBC.



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