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Study Finds Immigration Will Shift Electoral College in Favor of Democrats

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2 minutes ago, RollingRock said:

Spoken like a true nazi.

lol. nazi. a word used by a dumb ass lib contrived to end any argument they are losing on basic principles of logic. IF...of course...

the person with the logical argument is stupid enough to take the bait and fall for it, and therefore silence the logic. which...i'm not.

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11 hours ago, fishhead said:

Thanks for identifying the only reason democrats care about brown people. 

We saw how Obama treated brown people on the other side of the globe with no change to immigrate here. 

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7 hours ago, kfools said:



This was never in doubt. It's the primary reason Trump was elected by whites. To stop the third world invasion that will irrevocably give us a one party system based around cheap labor, and welfare bribes. 

Well said..

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21 hours ago, fishhead said:


So, Democrat National Socialists and Communists can't win in the arena of Ideas.


...so they Cheat, by Illegally flooding the system with undocumented votes.


You are a virus, a pox on this Great Nation.



- What Cancer Looks Like -




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On 12/25/2019 at 11:44 AM, lewstherin said:

lol. this is news? why do you think democrat traitors are so in favor of open borders? but....someday soon? hopefully

REAL americans will grow some balls and start killing them all.

Jesus was an Arab, Trumpos would throw him in a cage.

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