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#ScrewMeToo ?

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News and Black Culture / Social Media - Gang Wars 

By #ScrewMeToo 

For the uninitiated, the gang wars of the past have become obsolete in the black community. It is no longer gratifying to kill each other in cold blood over petty reasons. 

It has now become our insatiable fetish to shame each other on the world stage using all forms of Media. This is now a "war for gender domination" being led by a gang of sadistic black feminist - bent on repopulating the prison system with black men - by any means necessary. 

And what makes this shaming method so effective against [ black men ] is that they are already an undesirable group to begin with. Therefore any acts they are accused of would automatically be believed because of their already tarnished reputations. 

Couple this with a worldwide media platform to broadcast their #DefamationMovies such as #SurvivingRKelly and you can convict a man before trial. 

But in all wars, the door swings both ways !!! 

The same media platforms can be used against the enemy - a notion which has spawned the hashtag #ScrewMetoo 

This hashtag represents the alliance of black men that are fighting against the furry of hateful black feminist. - Using this social media weapon to equalize the playing field by highlighting the evils of black women just as #Metoo highlights the evils of black men. 

The war is on ... Witness the first wave of retaliation against the opposing gang .. using this hashtag on Twitter 
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