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Have democrats figured out that all the investigations into Hunter Biden pretty much invalidate their entire impeachment claim?

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1 minute ago, DeepBreath said:

No, he’s not. We’ve covered this and you repeating the lie doesn’t make it true.


2. the fact the Bidens are being investigated justifies Trump inquiring..... Duh. 

^^ greedily reaching for the Kool aid

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1 minute ago, leftwinger said:


You being ignorant is not an argument.

Your own constitutional scholar you used in the hearing told you, dummy.


Impeachment is a process. He’s not impeached until the articles are given to the house. 

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1 minute ago, Zaro said:

^^ greedily reaching for the Kool aid

You idiots told us the Mueller report was going to impeach Trump. No Russian collusion. 

You told us the IG report and subsequent criminal investigation was a nothing burger. Turns out one of the biggest scandals in American history. 

You told us the Biden corruption was nothing but conspiracy and now all the evidence is leaking out of money laundering. The founder of Burisma is on the run for embezzlement and money laundering. The Bidens have multiple investigations. Hunter was flagged for money laundering. You even told us the investigation was done before Hunter was there which was an obvious lie. 

You better check your drink because your media has been lying to you about everything. 

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