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None believe me


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I just say things
I must be half crazy
No one believes me

I must be getting old
I say that to myself
to keep myself from going

But I am not crazy
I just tell it like I see it

Sure, I am misguided,
I always was

No I am not a contrarian.

When I grew up I just watched
people a lot.

And I remembered stuff
And people thought I was bright
because I was good at mathematics

And I seemed witty, and said
new things nobody ever thought
put words together that nobody ever
thought about combining

But they never understood
that I lacked one important trait

I was not good at comprehension.

The air is good up there,
what does that mean, I would think.
I have no comprehension of text

I am an idiot when it comes to English

Really, its true, and it sucks.

I misread poetry, though it does not
mean that I show no empathy

I try not to be matter of factual anything
I/'/d like to be somewhere in the middle
of anything if I could be

when I say, I wish I could write
I really mean it
so that someone could understand
I don/'/t want to walk like a giant of a man

I could care less than doing something like that

I cannot believe I just wrote that just now

but its true.

War sucks. And so does poverty,
I just want to grow old
And hold onto my thinking
And still remember how it feels

I am a rabbit

Maybe a rabbit

in reverse

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5 hours ago, TheOldBarn said:

War sucks. And so does poverty,
I just want to grow old
And hold onto my thinking
And still remember how it feels

I am a rabbit

Maybe a rabbit

in reverse


You're no fuzzy bunny!


Maybe you're a rabbi,

but only in your verse.

(Do you find that funny,

seriousness dispersed?)

A rabbi is a teacher.

I think you have taught others.

If they failed to listen,

that's not your failing, brother.

Don't you have some things to teach?

If they fail to understand,

for now, they're beyond your reach.

That's not your failing, man.


The things my parents taught me,

I ignored when I was young.

I remember and repeat them

now that they're both long gone.


"War sucks. And so does poverty",

you wrote.

That's vital information

and sadly, must be re-learned

in every generation.


So keep on keeping on

and if someone says you're nuts,

employ your inner rabbi:

Call 'em a closed-mind putz.

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A Hare'y Tail


Deep inside a lush forest, a community of sciuridae lived a happy existence. Each morning, they would forage the bountiful surroundings for nuts. Each adult would gather nuts and bring them back to their family in their nest. Afterward, all the families would gather together in a clearing of green grass to tell stories, sing songs, and enjoy the evenings.


One evening, a lone pika approached the group from the field below.

“Hello stranger, what brings you to our happy community?”

“I have traveled from the clade of Glires, in search of opportunity.

This is such a nice location, would you accept me into your dray?”

“We shall have to discuss issue in private, don’t go away.”


After short deliberation, the sciuridae return to the clearing.

“We welcome you into our dray. In the morning, we shall assign you a territory for foraging.”


In the morning, the head sciradae approaches the pika.

“We have assigned you your own territory, the boundaries are clearly marked.”

“I shall commence foraging immediately”, the pika remarked.

Gathering nut, after nut, after nut, after nut, he embarked....


Many days passed. As winter approached, the sciuridae noticed their supply of nuts had dwindled quite substantially, and the pika had been busy building a splendorous nest atop the tallest tree. Approaching the giant, box-sized nest, they discover the pika had stockpiled all the remaining nuts into in his garish abode.


“How did you get all those nuts?!! The boundaries were very clearly marked!”

“I forgot to mention my near-sightedness”, the pika remarked


“I have done you sciuridae a favor. I have raised your standard of living

Instead of foraging, I will supply you all the nuts you desire for lunch, or giving.”

“But how shall we pay for what you are due?

I am the nut creator. You bring me five nuts, I’ll pay you two.




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We all somehow pay for all the innovation

that somehow never seems

to make our lives any better


people do live like kings and queens

many more by the score


and it can become easy to overlook

the billions who suffer needlessly 

these very days


in the US we have an ever shorter lifespan

and we have young folks filled with depression

committing the unspeakable act of suicide

before they even know what becoming 

a true adult even means


This Maslow's hierarchy of needs

is in complete disarray 


for all humans and all life

because it is random

A new word

related to nothing



Where's the hope.

The reason to give.

The reason to live.

But first, you got to survive,

find a place to shelter,

and then find the food, 

but why -

when they only call it 

a redistribution

of some stupid political 

partisan nonsense

all the darn time.


It's crap, those kids are so 

smart without any of the history

behind what went down 

just several decades ago,

which to older people seems 

like yesterday


The old people in their sixties and seventies

can understand the youth because to them

stuff has changed quite a lot from when they 

were young.


If you talked to my parents, or most especially

my grandparents, well they worked in a completely

different world. 

And I knew that, I was aware of that big time change

even when I was a kid. I knew I was on my own

in that kind of way.


So I liked James Joyce, I liked Walt Whitman, I liked

Robert Frost. I wanted to know about the past.

I knew it was harsh but it drove me not just to appreciate

what I have but also to  ---

and the word is not protect the young/ seems like







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