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Right-Wing Catholics Remind Us Why They Sided With Hitler: Despicable, Lapsed Catholic Anti-Semite Rudy Colludy Giuliani Says Holocaust-Surviving George Soros Is "Not A Jew"

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Well, Bless Rooty-Tooty Ghouliani's sick degenerate little heart!

Now he's telling Jews who is "Jew enough" and who is not "Jew enough?"


A FAILED little runty pretend-Catholic Priest-sodomized Altar Boy who slept with a prostitute and lost his one Senate bid against Hillary Clinton?


Why do the RIGHT's worst little Gimps and LOSERS always attack the Jews here in America when they get caught committing crimes and/or sucking the dicks of the World's worst Commie or Dictator or Terrorist filth? Is that the RIGHT-WING's go-to Emergency Bailout Strategy? Attack the Jews when you get caught screwing the maid? 


Rudy Colludy's latest clown-car, freak show, off-the-rails, public Interstate car-crash pileup brings us all back around to the same-old, age-old, repetitive but inevitable mysterious question about what REALLY makes our RIGHT-WING Conservative Catholics and their fellow crackpot Hitler-embracing German-American Bund Meeting attendees, the RIGHT-WING Conservative Christians tick. What do these lowest of the low members of American Society, the Mouth Breathers think about when the walls are closing in, and the Indictments are getting inked? 

What fills-up the hateful hearts of all the RIGHT-WING Catholic boy-rapers and their like-minded bed mates, our American Mob of ugly, bigoted RIGHT-WING Evangelical/Fundamentalist/Protestant Klan buddies? Why does the RELIGIOUS RIGHT hate the Liberal or Progressive (aka, SANE) Jewish Americans, so much..???....especially the LIBERAL Jews in our country that VASTLY outnumber Conservative Jews in America by a ratio of 4 1?


And when the heat's on.....Why does the RELIGIOUS CHRISTIAN/CATHOLIC RIGHT ALWAYS get exposed running their hateful mouths and reminding everyone they are the wirst kind of anti-Semites? Why do all of them think the same things about Jews and Judaism??? Why do they keep pretending they are qualified to pass judgement on how everyone else who is NOT Christian or Catholic observes (or chooses NOT to observe) their own religious Faith's tenets?


The answer is crystal-clear, folks.

Remember World War II?

There was a DAMN GOOD REASON Italy and the RIGHT-WING Conservative Catholics in Europe sided with Adolph Hitler.

A DAMN GOOD REASON RIGHT-WING Conservative Catholics and Protestants rallied and filled Madison Square Garden back in the late 1930's and celebrated Adolph Hitler's rise to power right alongside the largest Klan Rally in American history.


They have hated Jews since ever since their imaginary Bronze Age religious Comic Book scapegoated the leaders of the Jews for sending Imaginary Jesus Christ off to Pontius Pilate to get crucified.

And they have been labeling Jews as "Christ-killers" for 2000 years. 


FACT: This scrawny little piece of balding, impotent old rotten Italian pizza-pie just PROVED to every American Jew that he is nothing but a worthless, scum-sucking anti-Semitic cockroach. 

Rudy Giuliani is a sh|t-eating RIGHT-WING Conservative Catholic MAGGOT. East that sh|t, Rudy. Eat hearty. That's your job.


The Vatican SUPPORTED Hitler.

The Catholic Church PROTECTED Hitler.

And 99% of the Italian people all sold their jewelry and all their precious family belongings so they could send money to Il Douche.

Benito Mussolini. The Italian Dictator who promised the "Roman" people he wold return Italy back to the greatness of the Roman Era in history. 

And Rudy Colludy Giuliani just reminded every American that he is a filthy Italian fascist.

Just like he and his fellow RIGHT-WING Conservative monkey-fvcks have ALWAYS been Fascists.  


Thankfully, REAL Americans know EXACTLY how to deal with filthy Italian strongman-loving Fascists.

We have PLENTY of experience dealing with Italian Fascists. 

And as Humphrey Bogart wisely said in his seminal WWII movie, "Sahara", when their Fascist Italian prisoner begged Bogey to let him ride on the tank and NOT be left behind to die as they searched for water in the desert to stay one step ahead of Rommel...."We don't need a plate of spaghetti slowing us down."


America doesn't need RIGHT-WING Conservative maggots slowing us down.

We are NOT going to be distracted from electing a suitable, competent President in 10 short months.

Our next President will have to hit the ground running to clean up the crusty Slovenian snail tracks and Trump-trouser sh|t-stains in the White House carpets.

We have a Global Economic War to win.

We have mouthy, uppity, runty little Soviet KGB puke to curb-stomp and put back into his place.

We have a filthy, murdering piece of camel-dung Saudi sh|t to scoop-up and deposit into the dumpster.

We have a Turkish madman executing Journalists and imprisoning dissidents we need to knock down a few pegs.

We have a Filipino Butcher we need to snatch the tiny balls off of. 

We have a lippy British Prime Minister to remind we won't be doing any trade with, if Britain leaves the EU.

We have to return our new President to her rightful World-Leading place in the geopolitical pecking order.

We have an Iranian Deal to rejoin, to the relief of the other 5 Nations who are still IN that Deal.

We have a Paris Accord to rejoin, as America retakes the lead on correcting the utter devastation wreaked upon our Planet by the Fossil Fuel Industry.

We have an American Nation to wean off the fossil-fuel nipple in 10 short years.

We have a Green Economy to build.

We have 275 bi-partisan House Bills to pass when we take back the Senate.


Most importantly....we have MANY Republican RATS to kill. Many rats to send off to Rat Heaven.  

We can't waste any more time indulging the fears and superstitions and conspiracy theories of a bunch of fearful Conservative children.

We have a Nation and a democratic Republic to salvage.       

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