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Narratives are hard to dispell


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Now, this is a bit of personal recorded history, best I can do.

This story goes back a few years, so some younger ones on this board might find it as, "OK boomer", or what have you.

In 1968, I was in middle school and we voted for president and I voted for Nixon. I thought Richard Nixon was the best chance we had to get out of Vietnam,

and oh by the way, my oldest brother was fighting there then in the US Navy.

LBJ was at his wits end, MLK Jr had just been killed, and the US was in a civil rights upheaval - to put it mildly.

I just had horrible nightmares about Vietnam as a young teen. So those years stick out in my thought about growing up. 

Imagine what it was like to be a black person. Imagine what it was like to be a black person in the US for hundreds of years before this.

After the civil war, after WWI, after WWII, even after Vietnam. 

So I remember when Richard Nixon went to China, and my mom used to say to us kids, eat everything on your plate, because they have nothing

in China. They eat dogs in China a family friend who fought in Korea would always say. 

Nixon came after LBJ, who came after JFK. The US was caught up in a conflagration in Vietnam that it helped to create.

I watched the Nixon Impeachment investigations on television, and then, I watched him resign.

Jimmy Carter started up with a horrible economy, a deep recession, and worse, horrible stagnant hyper inflation. 

Paul Volker the head of the Fed back then, raised short-term interest rates like nothing ever before seen.

Well it worked, but then Ronald Reagan was elected. GH Bush said Reagan's tax cuts for the rich was voodoo economics. 

The economy under Reagan got better. And ever since, the right has placed his wisdom on the highest pedestal. 

GH Bush came after for four years, and then came Bill Clinton, who praised Reagan and continued on his legacy by stating

that the age of big government is gone. 

They privatized everything they could, they pushed to allow banks to broker on Wall Street. If it was a Democrat in the office of the Presidency,

out came the deficit hawks, if it was a Republican, there was no mention of the looming deficit that grew.

The false narratives get worse and all the time try to weaken our resolve. No we ain't at war with the red states, Obama shouted - and I voted for the man for saying that!

We cannot agree on everything, but we want to protect our people, and we also want to make a better world for all somehow.


IN this next video, please forgive all the introductions to the journalist at this press meeting, it is vitally important to praise those who try their best to bring to you the Truth!




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