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Ride On


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in a humorous way,
I thought of worthless people,
if there were worthless people,
how much would they be worth
in total:
Connecting with people, each
of those folks, worthless, boring,
penniless, odd, self righteous and
self absorbed with indignation,
so much so that it detracts from
say, their total score.

And you just add up the score
once they unite, hello, say yes,
if you can one day imagine

that one of these days,
all these worthless ones

Right on,
Ride on,
one of these days

Well people change.
And it is not always for the worse!

I guess they call it - self effacement
when you have to lay it all down
on the line.

And just be part of the narrative
someone else made - 

that was totally false.


Nobody is worthless, just the opposite,

Ride On - one of these days.


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