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Anti American Right To Work Legislation STILL Steals Wages and Benefits From Workers Which is A Scheme Designed By the Fascist Libertarian Koch Bros In Their Secret Meetings


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What was most alarming about the parade of bills introduced this year, however, was how their proponents manipulated facts in order to propel them through state legislatures.

As a sociologist who studies unions and someone who relies on good quantitative data, I am bothered most by how the mathematics used to justify these arguments is so deeply flawed—mistakes that any student of statistics could easily spot.


Lately I've been focusing on the battle over right-to-work legislation in New Mexico, where a bill was dealt a death blow in the state Senate at the final hour.


But workers in other states such as Wisconsin have not fared as well. In March, the Midwestern state became the 25th in the U.S. to prohibit unions from negotiating contracts that require union and nonunion employees to pay their share of costs for all the benefits the union provides.


The results of this war on workers may vary from state to state, but the genesis of these salvos and the misleading arguments used to muscle them through legislatures are the same.


A careful analysis reveals their scientific and intellectual flaws.



Boiler-plate blueprint

The legislation that failed to pass in New Mexico was eerily similar to boiler-plate language that conservative organizations such as the National Right to Work Committee and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have been circulating through regional lobbying organizations that are typically part of the conservative State Policy Network.


In New Mexico, that organization is the Rio Grande Foundation.


Its president, Paul Gessing, has argued in various news outlets and in testimony to legislators that right-to-work laws increase economic growth, jobs and personal income.


The problem? As I've noted elsewhere when challenging Gessing's arguments, he and others have based these assertions not on scientific evidence but on the faulty math

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'Money and greed': how non-compete clauses force workers to fight for rights

Non-compete clauses restrict low-wage workers such as hair stylists and security guards from taking other jobs – and discourage those who aren’t aware of their rights



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