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H/care. How much does $50.00/mo./head..... buy?


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$50.00/mo.   How much?

Let put our brains to work.    1st.....let's take 5 factors off the table.

1.  Greedy ins./co.   Let's take them out of the equation.   Bernie & Pocahontas have done that with their plan.   Let's go further.

2.  Lawyers.  Let's take them out of the equation.  No more lawsuits.  Never.

3.  Rich doctors.    All doctors must post online their prices for each treatment.    (Capitalism)

4.  Rich hospitals.  All hospitals must post online their prices for all operations.    (Capitalism)

5.  No big ticket items.  No organ transplants.  No quad by-pass.  No expensive drugs(like AIDS).  That will be another category.


And then let's think about options.

1.  1st aid only..... and then we work up from there.  This will be "non-profit".   "No cost to the Tax-Payer".

2.  Deep expansion of this "Nurse Practitioner" position.  They will be sub-doctors and used extensively.

3.  Christian Charity.  Texas has over 10,000 Churches.  Let's use them.  And the other 49 states?  Let's use them, too.

4.  Peace Corps Medical Force.  All personnel are paid equal to the military with same benefits.

5.  Same thing for drugs.  Of course, Morphine and OxyContin will always be available to kill the pain.


All of this will be at ….."no cost to the Tax-Payer".   Except for organization.  That is the purpose of government.

To organize.


"We can slay the Sabre-tooth Tiger.   We can slay the Woolly Mammoth.   But we cannot do it alone.  We must join

forces......and hunt...…..together.   Then, we will slay our prey.  We will use our primal instinct.  We will kill......the

problems set before us.  Our families will not starve.  We will live through another hard winter".

                                                                                                                                                                             Neanderthal Man                   😇                                   


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