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DILDOlph, Our Impeached President

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DILDOlph, OuImpeached President

You know Cohen and Nunes and Gates and Nixon
Manifort and Reagan and Shrubbie and Stone
But do you recall
That Impeached President with the baby-sized bone?
DILDOlph, the Orange-Faced Sh|t-Gibbon
Opens mouth and crap just flows
And if you ever heard him fibbin',
You would have to say he blows.
All the other G-O-P felons,
Got paid to cheat or throw golf games,
They'd never beat poor DILDOlph,
And get that nasty Trump Tweet name.
Then one drunken Solstice Eve
Melania found a REAL lay,
"DILDOlph, here's my new White Knight,
Gonna have to cut you loose again, tonight."
How quick the First Lady dumped him,
As she shouted out with glee:
"DILDOlph the Orange-Faced Sh|t-Gibbon
You'll go down in infamy!"
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