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Loser Dontlooknow admits he's in his 40's and doesn't have a driver's license yet...


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2 minutes ago, Zaro said:

The kunt went back a month looking over dontlooknow's posts to start this thread. 


Z09 is obsessed with dontlooknow

And 911 was the best day of your life....



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8 minutes ago, Z09 said:

Do you even have a driver's license?


I once met an american who didn't have a license because he was a libertarian and didn't think it was the government's place to determine who could drive or not. He was in his mid-forties as well and drove around with his dog riding shotgun and his guns in the back seat. 

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1 minute ago, dontlooknow said:

Do you have a job.

At least I'm not running over teenager cause they are a different race. Like trump supporters. 




You're 43 years old ..


Do you have a driver's license?


Why won't you answer?

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2 minutes ago, dontlooknow said:

What is it with you trump supporters and running people down with cars?

Can't answer huh?


Why not?


You stated you're 43 years old and don't have a driver's license yet..


What kind of loser are you?

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