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Stephen Miller

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Being adamant that ALL non-native, foreign-invasive dangerous criminal outcast sub-species of humanity have their criminal asses deported right back to their original places of departure is a pretty common feeling among rightful landowners, anywhere on the globe.

Who would want to witness their sacred, beautiful Native soil being despoiled by an unwashed mass-murdering rabble of religious cultists? 

And given the fact that no sane person ever wants their property taken over by a bunch of squatters, what the heck are the adherents of all 3 Bronze Age Pagan Middle Eastern Sand Religions doing over here, right here on our American continents?






ALL of those religious nutters belong where their brain cell-killing mental illnesses were first diagnosed and observed- right back living among their fellow believers amid the flocks of camels and the sand fleas and a zillion miles of barren, infertile desert.

The World's 3 largest Abrahamic religions were spawned in the Middle East, and that is EXACTLY where their supplicants and adherents should have been kept confined, so they could gleefully practice their weird rituals and satisfy their innate, murderous impulses to kill each other.


Our two American continents RIGHTFULLY belong to the original humans that made the arduous 15,000 mile trek here, some 30,000 years ago; those brave, hardy folks who had the grit and determination and courage to survive the journey and then claim these two continents as their own. 

The Johnnie-Come-Lately Abrahamic party-crashers who began sneaking ashore over the last 5 centuries should have been rejected and returned to their places of origin, and restrained from spreading their fantasy-based cult beliefs among those of us here in the New World who have always chosen to stay grounded inside a fact-based life.


But thankfully, all is not lost, and REALITY always triumphs over Fantasy in the final equation. 

We can see that our precious America is finally beginning to recover its secular senses and has started to think rationally and process information with a clear-headed sobriety that rejects all forms of Bronze Age nonsense. Each and every day, more and more citizens are choosing to live a life firmly rooted to science, facts, and EVIDENCE, rather than a life spent cowering from ancient myths, superstitions, and Fairy Tales. The fastest and largest growing group of Americans are those who are leaving the dreamy fantasies of religious nonsense back at the curb, and bravely choosing to embrace and live their lives in the fullest, without emotional crutches or the historical mind-numbing "religious traditions" that have only resulted in the horrific deaths of millions of innocent human beings, all who were slain by marauding hordes of blood-lusting religious zombies.  


It's Year 2019. The Future beckons. And America is finally taken one shaky step towards beginning to realize it's true potential, and has begun recovering from the past 243 years of foreign-invasive religious psychobabble. America is truly the greatest SECULAR Nation on Earth, one of the last places on the planet where the Rule of Law is held sacred and is prioritized over ALL other fanciful fantasy-driven notions. 

And our secular accomplishments make the news, each and every day, as the folks who are constantly shaping and reshaping the future of our Nation, our economy, our culture, are rapidly fashioning the future of homo sapiens, writ large. 

Nothing can stop progress and change. Nothing.       

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