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Article I charged that Clinton lied to the grand jury concerning:[32]

  1. the nature and details of his relationship with Lewinsky
  2. prior false statements he made in the Jones deposition
  3. prior false statements he allowed his lawyer to make characterizing Lewinsky's affidavit
  4. his attempts to tamper with witnesses

Article II charged Clinton with attempting to obstruct justice in the Jones case by:[33]

  1. encouraging Lewinsky to file a false affidavit
  2. encouraging Lewinsky to give false testimony if and when she was called to testify
  3. concealing gifts he had given to Lewinsky that had been subpoenaed
  4. attempting to secure a job for Lewinsky to influence her testimony
  5. permitting his lawyer to make false statements characterizing Lewinsky's affidavit
  6. attempting to tamper with the possible testimony of his secretary Betty Currie
  7. making false and misleading statements to potential grand jury witnesses


Articles of Impeachment, U.S. Senate judgement
(67 "guilty" votes necessary for a conviction)
February 12, 1999
Article One
Party Total votes
Democratic Republican
Guilty 0 45 45
Not guilty 45 10 55
February 12, 1999
Article Two
Party Total votes
Democratic Republican
Guilty 0 50 50
Not guilty 45 5 50
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