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"Coach" Jordan's Band O' White-Trash Contributor$!!

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"Coach" Jordan's Band O' White-Trash Contributor$!!

December 19, 2019


"Last month, GOP leaders tapped Jordan to join the Intelligence Committee for the impeachment hearings, so he could grill witnesses and offer another unabashed pro-Trump voice.     mocking-smiley-emoticon.gif


Jordan is a Trump loyalist and has a history of embracing the more fringe elements of the conservative political ecosystem."


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26 minutes ago, Phoenix68 said:




Jim Jordan is an A+ lawyer.

He is in the same category as Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Gohmert, Gaetz, and John Ratcliffe.

The GOP has some seriously professional legal talent on its Team.            


The school-boys on the Dem Team look very sophomoric by comparison.                🍹.     

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50 minutes ago, Squatchman said:

  Probably because the coach wrestled him in private too.

 He looks like his sphincter has been stretched to the max and now the turds now fall out.

 Like the rest of the gay GOP

 that giant whooshing sound is gym farting.

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1 hour ago, Phoenix68 said:



Only people with no standards are impressed by Jordan.

Collins, Gaetz, and Jordan are the worst public speakers I have

ever seen in the House and the results of the impeachment vote demonstrate it quite nicely . 



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