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When the Catholic Pope AND The Evangelicals Both Are Calling-Out Trump For His Unending Depraved Criminality....It Must Be The Winter Solstice

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15 minutes ago, Duck615 said:

LMFAO liberals are always crying religion has to stay out of politics... too fukking funny

Hmm. Ducky, don't end up being late to your own KKK meeting, on my account. 

The Holiest of Holy White Nationalist Pagan Ritual Days is tomorrow night!

Shouldn't you be practicing handling rattlesnakes or standing in front of a mirror practicing speaking in Aramaic tongues, fervently preparing to dance around the bonfire as you BBQ a splayed goat to wash-away your mortal sins and appease the vanity and anger of your Imaginary God? 

Didn't you get your crisp White Klan dress back from the dry-cleaners, yet?

Frankly, I'm appalled that you would waste time here getting bitch-slapped by your betters, when you should be following the dictates of your Cult!

White Conservative Jesus is gonna be ROYALLY pissed-off, slacker!  

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 83% of all evangelicals in the United States support Trump... That is the most support for president in the history of this country. As far as the pope is concerned he is one of the most liberal and political popes to come down the pike in the last 50 years. And frankly who the hell cares what he has to say anyhow?

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The author of The article in the Christian times is a well-known leftist who hates Trump and is leaving his job at the publication... So basically it's his parting shot from a publication that hardly any evangelicals even read.

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