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Time To Put A Fork In Tweety: When Guilty, Doomed Criminals Start Comparing Themselves To (Imaginary) Jesus...All That's Left Is Dumber Lies And Sillier Excuses

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Yes. Republicans are so dazed, confused, desperate and totally-outmatched by Nancy Pelosi, one braying Conservative clown-tard just tried to play the Jesus Christ Crucifixion Card.

He bent over, pried that FAKE-AZZED Crucifixion Card right out of his degenerate, flabby colon, then he smeared it onto the House's table, dumping a pile of reeking redolent corruption that stuck up the entire House. Yes. He actually tried to sell the American Electorate a RIGHT-Wing Christian Pig in a Poke.

He actually DARED to equate the House's Impeachment of a corrupt, criminal American President with the agonizing, scourged execution of a famous, exemplary religious icon that is worshiped and adored by over ONE BILLION PEOPLE. 

How do you spell C.R.A.Z.Y.? 


No, it's absolutely true! 

I swear...I am NOT making this up.


Yup. Right there on the floor of the House of Representatives, right in front of 230 million Americans and (mythical) God, one of the duller butter knives in the Conservative drawer just compared Trump's Impeachment to the fictional Biblical crucifixion story.

Just let this latest oozing cancerous lump of typical Republican debauchery and treachery sink DEEP into your psyche, for a quick second. 


This Conservative religious butt-nutter actually compared our most serious Constitutionally-provided check and balance process of Impeachment, a process that our CO-EQUAL Legislative Branch and Article One provides to keep criminal Presidents tethered and under control, with the fictional scourging and crucifying of the Christian World's half-mortal, half-god Superhero.


Inarguable FACT: Something THIS insane, this inane, this no-brain could ONLY slither out of the massively-ignorant mouth of a Trump Cult devotee.

It sounded like something one of Charles Manson's Cult girls would blurt out in Court, just to remind all the jurors HOW insane the Manson Cult really was.   

Because comparing Donald Trump's crimes and this inevitable Constitutional political consequence to the tortures fictional Jesus Christ endured is the verbal equivalent of scooping-out some turds from your own reeking butt, giggling hysterically, leering at the crowd, and then smearing them on Mother Teresa. 



Really? So.....as far as the RIGHT is concerned, an incompetent, loudmouthed, totally-corrupt lifetime sleazebag 3rd-rate ripoff-artist grifter is now being revered by Conservative Christians,

and being held on high with the same reverence and distinction as their own Faith's most-adored, most-admired Deity?

Uh...OK. Please step away from the Bible before you hurt yourselves, Trumpers. Trump is now Jesus Christ? 

Really? OK. Good to know.  


Fact: Not even Hollywood would write such an idiotic script. 


Technical Note: According to the Christian Book of Old Jewish Fairy Tales, (Imaginary) Jesus Christ WAS a criminal in the eyes of the Roman authorities, and they charged him accordingly with a crime, treason.

So.....I guess you could argue, in a warped sense, that like Trump, Christ WAS a criminal, when considered in the context of the Rule of Law back then, and in Trump's case, our established Rule of Law.





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