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Traitor Trump: Criminally insane and Dangerously depraved.

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Donald Trump's disturbing letter to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is just another example of his criminal insanity and his dive into depravity.


Trump believes that he can do whatever he wants, no matter how much it violates the U.S.Constitution or the rule of law in America, and not be held accountable for his crimes!


In fact, he takes umbrage whenever anyone does hold him accountable, as we saw with the Mueller Report, which specified 10 acts of obstruction of justice, and as he is doing now with the impeachment process.


If Trump were innocent or sane, he would not have welcomed Russia to interfere in our 2016 elections, and then tried to cover it up by obstructing justice once in the WH. If Trump were innocent of sane, he would not be violating Article 1 of the Constitution, which gives the Legislature the right to subpoena witnesses, and documents, by ordering his associates not to appear and testify, and not to release requested documents.


Donald Trump is not only guilty of many serious crimes that endanger the American people and our national interest, but he is incapable of understanding or caring about his actions, and without removal from office, Trump will put America in serious jeopardy, again and again!




Pelosi called Trump's letter venting about being impeached, "Sick" and "ridiculous." Media organizations have called it, "Bonkers!"

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and the POS tweets this...



Donald J. Trump


“They just wanted to get at the President. They had no intention of having a proper investigation. They couldn’t find any crimes so they did a vague abuse of power and abuse of Congress, which every administration from the beginning has done.” @RepDougCollins @foxandfriends

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