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Living In A " Gay " Nation

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By King Nazir Muhammad 

The million dollar question is , can a heteros*xual imagine living in a gay nation ? 

Well If you can't , let's take this time to imagine what that would Intel exactly. First imagine homos*xuality being legal , and heteros*xuality being - illegal. 

Imagine having to conform to Homos*xuality or remain celibate and single. And breaking the law would be engaging in heteros*xual acts - which could mean a death sentence or life in prison. 

Picture men and women having no interest in the opposite s*x, and children only being born by artificial insemination. And same s*x parents not being allowed to have custody of children of the opposite s*x. 

Which means men would raise men, and women would raise women - and all to be raised homos*xualy. 

Picture religion reformed to promote the righteousness of such a society and a mentality. And traditionalist from the outside world being banned from entering in to disrupt this gender segregated society. 

Meaning , you would be " trapped " within the four walls of this gay nation. 

So would you succumb to s*xual deprevation and conform to the homos*xual lifestyle ? Or would you abandon ship and flee to a country that has not yet adopted this new social order ? 

And if you choose the latter, how long will your illusion of freedom last when every country is considering making homos*xuality the new world social order ? 

What would you do ? Think about it, because this idea is not that far from the truth. 

For more on this subject, listen to my musical sermon by FOLLOWING THIS LINK @ 

King Nazir Muhammad is Author of [ The Lesbian Bible: Man's Version ] available on Amazon.com OWN IT TODAY 

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