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Rick Gates Fairly Compensated For His Patriotism!!

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Rick Gates Sentenced For Conspiracy And Lying To FBI

December 17, 2019


"Rick Gates, the former business partner of ex–Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, was sentenced to 45 days in jail, three years of probation and a $20,000 fine after pleading guilty in February 2018 to two charges related to conspiracy and making false statements.


He will also need to serve 300 hours of community service. His jail time, however, can be served on weekends.


The judge later said she believed his transformation was sincere.


Gates, a former lobbyist and Trump campaign deputy campaign manager, secured a plea deal that led him to cooperate extensively in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which sought to determine whether any Americans helped Russia interfere in the 2016 election.


As a star witness in the case against Manafort, Gates admitted last summer to a staggering array of criminal activity.


Although he faced four to six years in prison, prosecutors said in court filings last week that they would not oppose his request for no prison time and praised his “extraordinary assistance” in federal investigations.


But his cooperation extended beyond the Manafort trial. He served as a witness in an offshoot case from the Mueller investigation against a prominent Washington attorney.


Gates also detailed a phone call that contradicted President Donald Trump during the trial of former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone. Gates testified that he heard then-candidate Trump indicate he knew more information would be coming from WikiLeaks, which disseminated the hacked Democratic National Committee emails that hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign in mid-2016. The president told Mueller he never discussed WikiLeaks with Stone.


In all, Gates spent more than 500 hours cooperating with prosecutors, his attorney said in court documents."


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