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imam barbie Davis-Soetoro Obammunist Spied On An Opponent and the FBI Lied Repeatedly - and Trump is Being Impeached...? - Ha!

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imam barbie Davis-Soetoro Obammunist Spied On An Opponent

and the FBI Lied Repeatedly

...and Trump is Being Impeached...?




...Whatever you think of former iman barbie Davis-Soetoro Obammunist, or Mr. Trump, or Carter Page, or James B. Comey, or anybody’s foreign policy opinion regarding Russia or NATO or Mexico - only one thing matters in this situation. At the moment these decisions were being made to spy on the Trump campaign, imam barbie Davis-Soetoro Obammunist was president. His Democrat National Socialist Regime was at the controls of one of the most sprawling and sophisticated espionage apparatuses ever assembled on this planet.


At that time, Mr. Trump was an avowed political opponent. Any decision made by the imam barbie Davis-Soetoro Obammunist Regime to spy on officials inside the Trump campaign was of massive, profound constitutional import. It is in these moments where a country is either a nation of laws or a banana republic.


...It is either “equal justice under law” or a police state.



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