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gop Consultant John Weaver ... "Trump needs a ‘scorching defeat’ in 2020".. and urges republicans to have the ‘courage’ to deliver one

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Trump needs a ‘scorching defeat’ in 2020: GOP strategist urges Republicans to have the ‘courage’ to deliver one


Republicans should honor President Abraham Lincoln — the first GOP president — by defeating Republican Donald Trump in 2020, a leading conservative strategist announced on Tuesday.


Weaver flagged three leading conservative critics in his call to arms, tagging fellow conservative strategists Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt, along with prominent GOP attorney George Conway, who is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.



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Lincoln was MURDERED by a gutless Trumper...He and Teddy Roosevelt were Republican in name only, as they were both true progressives


Lincoln and TR represented the Republican Party of their day. Back then, it was the Democrats who were the corrupt douchebags.


America really has two parties: The Party of Decent People and the Party of Shameless Azzholes. The names change from time to time, but its always the same people.


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