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DECEMBER 18, 2019

We have spoken about deception implemented by so-called Nuwaubians against other Nuwaubians in East Cleveland, Ohio. There are some who profess to be Nuwaubian that are con artists and schemers. These demons always try and get alot out of people by using the power of manipulation. And as we have stated on several occasions, certain so-called Nuwaubians in East Cleveland, Ohio are agents working secretly with police and others against other Nuwaubians. They think that plots and plans against who they think are weak people, will go without discipline. In another thread we spoke in regards to James, aprofessed Nuwaubian, but a serious con man and scammer. He uses black people in the worst of ways and if he can't use you as his personal slave then he'll meet secretly with parties to get rid of you. In October of 2019, a Nuwaubian blackman from North Carolina was told by a party name James, who claims to be a Nuwaubian freemason, that Cleveland, Ohio, was booming with employment and that if he made his way to the city he would be under the care of the Nuwuwabian Nation within the area. The Nuwaubian male from North Carolina was connected to James by another who apparently knew him to a certain degree. The Nuwaubian from North Carolina was very concerned about the distance he had to travel and wanted to make sure that there was no deception, false testimony, or fabrication of any kind. So he was transported to Cleveland by big truck which was loaded with about a box truck load of property.  The Nuwaubian known as James, in East Cleveland, on the evening that the North Carolinian Nuwaubian arrived, was deceptive from the start. Proof of this can be revealed by the mover who drove the North Carolinian Nuwaubian to Cleveland who the North carolinian stills remain in conyacy with for safety purposes. James had informed many people that when the Nuwaubian from North Carolina arrived in Cleveland that he would be employed without a doubt. There are those who are willing to testify to this should the matter become tragic. However, after one week in Cleveland, and no employment, James sent for a special buddy from New Orleans who goes by the name Tehuti. Tehuti is an astrologer, a soothsayer, a spell caster, an alleged herbalist, and a male witch. According to those who know of him, he also claims to be under the guidance of the so-called angelic being known as Metatron. Many Nuwaubians know who he is and stays away from him because of his ego and his inner inharmonious energies. Anyway, james chacked into the hospital after one week of the Nuwaubian from North Carolina residing in Cleveland. He remained in doctors care for over one month because of surgery. Prior to checking into the hospital, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina informed him that he had to obtain a state identification due to his being lost. So he obtained a pro bono lawyer who sent for all necessary documents. The lawyer's verification can be supplied if this plight goes into another deceptive stage. It took weeks for the Nuwaubian from North Carolina to obtain two documents. 

This too can be proven. In Cleveland, without an identification, one cannot do anything, nevertheless work on a job which pays checks or direct deposits. So during the process while james was within the hospital, he time to time, asked the Nuwaubian from North Carolina for money. The Nuwaubian from North Carolina had informed him that he had no identification. And James kept going at him like this every 3 days. He was literally working on the mind of the North Carolinian. And in the process, according to reports and recordings, the fellow known as Tehuti was feeding James negative information about the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, even though everyone knew it was a lie. The North Carolinian left before sun up and never returned to the house until sun down. People who know Tehuti claim that he is a evil and highly sneaky blackman who uses deception to further his own agenda. The lawyer informed the Nuwaubian from North Carolina that he was caught in a trap by James who never had any intentions on finding him work. The lawyer stated that the North Carolinian was manipulated into coming to Cleveland because James wanted to financially benefit from his many skills. The lawyer also stated that James intent was to tax the North Carolinian for money continously in a way that he wouldn't be able to advance in life for himself. The lawyer further implied that James was a conman hiding behind an orhanization in order to further his own agenda. The lawyer further warned that the North Carolinian was in a very bad situation and he hated that one had to go through that. So he told the North Carolinian what to do when James go off into the next phase of his plan.  Parties who called James asking about the North Carolinian's welfare were lied to by being told that all was well, and that the North Carolinian was working daily. But the lawyer of the North Carolinian and other medical parties claim that they will testify in a court of law that this is all a lie, should it have to go through that stage. 

The lawyer further contended that James was the type he had witnessed during court cases who was one who could carry on a lie for a very long time, involving several parties within his secret conspiracies. When people don't know someone from another state or country, usually the person they do know will be believed on so-called character analysis given on the unknown party. And parties like James can make sure that those he secretly conspire with shall never communicate with the one being conspired on due to the truth coming out.  According to very reliable sources, his buddy who goes by the name Tehuti, was involved with special  operations in the military and is one who rebuts these facts with ficticious and unbelivable lies and falsehoods. When you think of military tricks it will be wise to think of him even though he may post to other websites about the plights. 

The North Carolinian has been going through alot since being in Cleveland. He thought students of Dr. York were upright and civil. But James has taught him what a Black Devil is really all about. Himself and getting what he can out of another through any means of deception. It is further revealed by outside sources that James secretly works with those members within the Boule Society. Blacks in Cleveland who hold successful professions usually have betrayed other black people to get where they are at. Many prey on those less fortunate than themselves. And like the North Carolinian's lawyer informs him, a person like James may seek for one to move hundreds of miles to where he's at. But if they cannot give him what he's after he'll make sure they are homeless out in snow and ice. The lawyer claims he has ran across many with the same conman attitude as James. And it always end very badly. James will help one get hundreds of miles to Cleveland. But if one doesn't turn out to be the flunky he seeks for them to be, then he'll cast them to the streets. He isn't a decent person who'll say, "I got you here and things isn't going the way I hoped. I will get you back to where you came from if things don't get better. " The lawuer says James is a predator who is out for himself. His is a conman who uses lies to gain access into the minds of innocent people. He plays on kind people in a way thats both mean and unjust. This is how he represents Dr. York. Dr. York says people like this doen't want to ever see him free from physical captivity because they'll have to answer for alot of things. So they are glad he is incarcerated and hopes that he remains there. And in the process, all knowledge and wisdom provided in the meantime shall be used for the personal materialistic benefit of the fake baller. 

James will lie each and everyday to prove that his lie is credible. He'll also pile on newer lies over and over again with his partner in deception  known as Tehuti. The yes man is necessary to establish two people versus the one.  They feel that when they are telling lies against another, if they are veru creative and rehearse their lines daily, then anyone will believe what they have to say. This another characteristic of a Black Devil. Black Devils like both James and Tehuti secretly work with the Boule Society, police, secret agents, and others, for the sole purpose of sustainance. And yet they will deny these facts. But those who have been monitoring them and listening to their stories know this is indeed factology about them. They both claim to be Nuwaubian freemasons. They work with the Boule Society, and those black freemasons connected to the Boule Society. It was revealed that James wants the North Carolinian to do some work on his 2001 Toyota Tundra truck. And the work he is asking to be done is one the North Carolinian won't make one dime off of. According to other people who were told about the job, James wants the North Carolinian to replace a starter in the 2001 Toyota Tundra truck, which according to people in the neighborhood, has a 4.7 engine. And anyone who knows about this sort of job knows that it is a very difficult one which should involve the truck first being on a lift. The starter within this truck is buried under the manifold, and the job cannot be done while the truck is sitting on the ground. James is a very deceptive demon and is upset because the North Carolinian asks others if what he ask him to do reasonable. He uses his homeless buddy, who goes by the name Tehuti, another conman according to all who know him, to spy on the North carolinian, along with lying for him. They know that the North Carolinian has no family in Cleveland, and they are playing all sorts of games with him, along with involving certain police officer in their conspiracies. These demons are the type who goes through a roommate's property, gets something that belongs to them, and then cast spells. But yet they go around the copmmunity, according to all who know them, pretending to be upright and righteous. 

Females at the medical facilities James was recently at claim that he wanted them to read books, but his character prohibited them from seeking further knowledge with what he was presenting. James also has a certain female friend who will lie, cheat, and decieve for him. And she walks with a walker, according to a female that know her. They use their disabilities to manipulate others into doing things for them without just being straight up and honest. These demons are undercover agnets, and when they can't use you they will work continuously to get rid of you. They claim that this was the way of Dr. Malachi Z. York, which was proven to be a lie by faithful and true followers. So why doesn't the North Carolinian just leave and go back? Well, according to reliable sources, they have been casting spells against him. They also have been secretly meeting with parties who they manipulated into watching him as he travels from place to place. The North Carolinian's family are very worried that he have gotten involved with pure devils pretending to be righteous followers of Dr. Malachi Z. York. People who know them claim that they are always scheming and conning someone. It was further stated that James is the mastermind behind the conspiracies and his spy and agent has a history of betrayal. The one known as Tehuti is homeless because he always try and getothers to invest in some scheme that never works. And when the parties get angry, he usually take off mysteriously. It is no wonder the black population i so confused and have been killing and assaulting one another in record numbers in East Cleveland. They have very few positive role models. And those who pretend to possess some higher knowledge usually end up being con artists. They secretly take photos of others and use these photos in their many schemes and scams. It was revealed that James and Tehuti were planning to kill the North Carolinian in a way that noone would ever suspect because freemasonic mazes and pyramids makes this secret deception unknown to most. For further information on so-called Nuwaubians in East Cleveland, Ohio, see the threads entitled, " 

"THE INTENT OF THE BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN CLEVELAND OHIO", ""THE EVIL CITY OF CLEVELAND OHIO...THE ROCKEFELLAS...AND THE BOULE SOCITEY", "THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "CAN NUWAUBIANS BE MORE LETHAL THAN ANY OTHER BLACK DEVIL?", "NUWAUBIANS IN CLEVELAND OHIO AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE BOULE SOCIETY", "NUWAUBIANS IN CLEVELAND OHIO AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE BOULE SOCIETY...PART 2", "OHIO'S BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS MODERN DAY SLAVERY", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO...PART 2", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO...PART 3", "DEATH OF BLACKMAN IN EAST CLEVELAND OHIO NEAR KINSMAN ROAD", "THE BLACK DEVILS COULD HAVE MURDERED A FAMILY IN CLEVELAND ON NOVEMBER 13, 2019", "THE BOULE SOCIETY SENDS OUT ITS ATTACK DOGS IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "USING BLACK SPIES AND TECHNOLOGY TO DESTROY BLACKS IN EAST CLEVELAND AND ABROAD", "ARE BLACK DEVILS IN CLEVELAND OHIO HELPING TO TURN THE CITY INTO A COMMUNISM ONE?", "BLACK PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE SECRET AGENTS FOR THE DEVIL IN CLEVELAND Ohio AND ABROAD", "CLEVELAND OHIO...THE 19TH MOST SINFUL CITY", "THE SCARY TRUTH ABOUT CLEVELAND OHIO (Strong Cities Network)", "BLACK DEVILS CLAIMING TO FOLLOW DR. MALACHI Z. YORK RESIDING IN CLEVELAND OHIO", and "CLEVELAND OHIO AND THE ROCKEFELLERS MEDICAL CENTERS", they will realize that there is an alterior motive on the part of most law enforcement. The Boule Society and black secret societies are presently opening doorways for white supremacists who are using police all across America to target, eliminate, or mass incarcerate blacks and latinos. However, within the process of all this evil the intention is to disarm all people in America except foreigners who have migrated to the United States. Many Arabs presently have machine guns, AKA-47s, AR-15s, et cetera. But the mission is to disarm all those who have Social Slave Numbers (Social Security Numbers). https://6abc.com/home-gun-check-campaign-hopes-to-decrease-violence-in-philadelphia/5735818/. https://6abc.com/philadelphias-top-cop-looking-to-reduce-gun-violence-against-children/5735304/. 

This missive had to formulated for the sole purpose of exposing those black and caucasian devils who are secretly working together. Blacks are suffering and is dying (murdered, overdose on drugs, or is assassinated) at the intense and well calculated hands of both black and caucasian devils.  The sad thing is that there are Black Devils who use supreme knowledge to oppress, manipulate, or control the minds of others. And before all of this ends tragically, which seems to consinuously moving in that direction, the world shall know the truth about those Black Devils who seem to want to mentally manipulate others into believing that they are both trustworthy and upright adepths. But in truth they are Devils who are out for one thing. Money! They are no different than a common selfish and destructive drug dealer who doesn't care how his/her product destroys the community they distribute it in. All they care about is "money", no matter how many die in the process of obtaining it. In all actuality they are considered murders. So lets call them what they are and quit trying to sugar coat. This missive shall be read even by the Black Devil being exposed within. Jaqmes calls himself getting Tehuti to read these threads. And after they have gathered, reheased, na dhas planned their rebuttal, it usually turn out being incredible liars using parties not even involved within these conspiracies. The parties witness for them because they are willing to lie for them, which have been confirmed by those who know them both. Both Tehuti and James usesgick, according to a party who recently stopped dealing with them because they always were trying to con them out of something. These demons have spread their posion in areas they live in and the only outcome within their area is crime. And yet they claim to follow Dr. Malachi York. Dr. York would rebut testimony against him if the testimony was fabricated. James and Tehuti, accpording to parties that know them, rebut factual testimonies against them because they don't like to be found out. And once they read this thread, they may come up with a lie against the North Carolinian so intense there is no telling what will happen. This is the way of Black Devils. They have many faces. They portray a certain face in the presence of some, and behind closed doors the true demon emerges which is why the North Carolinians records all of his dealings with them. He was told not to trust either of them because they are devils always lying.

Those who do not examine the different aspects of the conspiracy will remain incapable of understanding the world.  The Freemasons have a philosophy of "hiding in plain view." Theirs is an "open conspiracy." That means they'll talk about it openly but then deny or prevaricate if there is any heat. Their Luciferian power is rising before our eyes but if someone notices, he is attacked and called paranoid. Illuminati symbolism is on the US Great Seal and the US dollar bill. It is in the logos of countless corporations. CBS, AOL, Exxon, Shell. The horned goat satanic symbol is becoming omnipresent, especially among youth.  Of course, they'll say it represents something else. That's how it works. A dot in a circle evokes the original Illuminati symbol , representing the Eye of Horus, or the sexual act. This is over a swoosh representing the sunrise, i.e. the Sun, or Lucifer the light bringer. The real aim is to "create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry.  This is the true nature of NSA surveillance and the emerging police state. Freemasons "have to die at the hands of the revolution which has been brought about with their cooperation. "The real secret of Masonry is the suicide of Freemasonry as an organization, and the physical suicide of every important Mason. Freemasonry is the world's largest secret society with over five million members, including three million in the U.S. It is instrumental in the totalitarian conspiracy. Gentile masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery. Masons should recall the lesson of the French Revolution. Although "they played a colossal revolutionary role; it consumed the majority of Masons..." Since the revolution requires the extermination of the bourgeoisie as a class, [so all wealth will be held by the Illuminati in the guise of the State] it follows that Freemasons must be liquidated. In Russia in 1929, every Mason who was not Jewish was killed along with his family. Like Masons, other applicants for the humanist utopia master class (neo cons, liberals, Zionists, gay and feminist activists) shall be in for a nasty surprise. They will be tossed aside once they have served their purpose. The Red Symphony confirms that our political and cultural leaders are mostly dupes or traitors. The subversion of the United States is part of a plan for world tyranny. An occult cabal of bankers is bent on enslaving humanity.  Most religions and groups have been subverted by the Illuminati plan to rule the world and usurp all its wealth. The common denominator is Freemasonry. A manifestation of the emerging Rothschild Luciferian tyranny is the Masonic design of the new Israeli Supreme Court building.

Most Freemasons and Jews are not aware of this plan, would oppose it, and are themselves victims of it. The charge of "Anti-Semitism" is used to distract us from the real issue, the creation of a global police state dedicated to projecting Cabalst Jewish wealth, perversity, and power into every sphere of life. The "war on terror" is about establishing this authoritarian control. What are they planning that requires a police state and gun confiscation?  Another Great Depression? Civil war? An American gulag? A nuclear or biological "terrorist" attack? Sept. 11 demonstrates they will slaughter innocent Americans without compunction. White supremacist cops and black female Eastern Stars are the crucial piece in the Illuminati's New World Order and Social Credit System. Eastern Stars are witches, and they keep white supremacists informed on what goes on in black communities. Most of them have jobs that allow them to influence the minds of people of color, and it seems that they have a limitless supply of money to intrigue or awe. Blackmen can be walking down the streets and white power freaks will contact some corrupt and racist cop they know claiming that the blackman looks suspicious. Whether Americans know it or not, white supremacist cops will be the force that shall aid with ushering in the New World Order! They inform the caucasian race that their survival is being threatened by blacks and latinos, but in truth, they work closely with the Illuminati. Politics has banished Religion from public discourse  but religion still offers the best understanding of politics. The essence of political struggle is actually spiritual, a cosmic battle  between (Good) and (Evil). The Illuminati represent organized evil which has conquered most of our social institutions. The Jeffrey Epstein scandal is a reminder that Illuminati members must engage in pedophilia and satanic ritual murder of babies and children to prove their commitment to Satan. Many prominent politicians, pundits and entertainers are members. The Illuminati constitute a secret society within Freemasonry.  So-called freemasons such as James and Tehuti in East Cleveland, may claim to follow freemasonryestablished under Dr. malachi York. But with their actions anyone can see that they are actually Boule admirers. For they are always scheming or conning someone out of something. 

Both James and Tehuti, according to sources, have something going on with certain police who assist them in obtaining certain cell phone numbers. They'll spread their poison by getting unknowns to do their dirty work in hopes of never being revealed behind the conspiracies. They like many other Boule affiliates want Hillary Clinton, a known high preistess witch, to run the globe. The Obamas are paving the way for this to happen. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-barack-obama-michelle-women-run-the-world-20191217-6b2aem3gtjahrb7az57l2ab5z4-story.html. Donald Trump is finished! https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1189833/mk-ultra-declassified-cia-truth-mind-control-lsd-hypnosis-experiment. https://www.infowars.com/social-media-is-the-chinese-social-credit-store-heres-why/. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2019/12/16/covert-chemical-warfare-100k-deaths-a-year/. https://www.infowars.com/destruction-of-the-family-the-u-s-has-the-highest-rate-of-children-living-with-a-single-parent-in-the-entire-world/. 

In Conclusion: As the Obams, along with their many hybrid supporters, is about to send America into a new era that will be hell on earth. Many Americans will see this in 2020. Political consensus is what creates war. Whether it is a war of words or an all-out war where weapons are used and blood is shed. The political scientific consensus tells us that we have 12 years to change our ways before the planet falls into ruin. This apocalyptic scare would be laughed at by the mainstream if it were delivered by a preacher or some cult leader. But since it has been delivered by a politician as a haphazard joke and has been pushed as gospel by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Great Thunberg. The symbolism and the number associated with it sticks. The number 12. In a magazine appropriately named TIME, Greta Thunberg was named Person of the Year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fygafn85480&feature=emb_logo. The 16-year-old from Stockholm rose to global prominence this year with her impassioned pleas for governments to take far-reaching action to avert a climate catastrophe. One that we are told will happen in 12 years. It was an irony, perhaps, that the designation announced on television and online, is a ritual marketing stunt; however, it appears to be more of a ritual than a stunt. The ritual that makes this young girl more of a climate messiah for an unregistered cult. In her own words, this person of the year declared the agenda for the next 12 years. Ms. Thunberg said in January at the World Economic Forum. “Adults keep saying, ‘We owe it to the young people to give them hope,” But I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.” This is the word of the young prophetess to the world: Panic, because there is no hope.

It is a message that seems congruent with the events that are now taking place in the skies above us. The heavens are opening in the night of the Cold Moon – the last full moon of the decade on December 12th at 12:12 AM Eastern time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOBsbSsf1BM&feature=emb_logo. Numbers and numerology are fickle things –combining them with astrology is even more complex. We know that they empower movements, ideologies, even those who wish to place themselves on the thrones of power. In religious groups, there is also an agreed-upon dogma and it should be followed ex-cathedra. People surrender their better judgment for the judgment of someone else who doesn’t care for them. This is the fight between that which is determined to be good by consensus and what is deemed evil by consensus. The consensus runs on faith and belief, not facts. Religions are not supposed to be run on facts. Good religions are fortified with beliefs and are maintained by faith. It is Science that claims to have facts. Any science that wants your belief has not done its job in producing the facts. A scientific conclusion is not something you believe in, it is something you can demonstrate. Politics in religion and science are creating a philosophical schism. They say with authority that they have knowledge that the end is near. You no longer have to be religious to declare that the world is going to end and that magic numbers seal your doom. It is the most hideous kind of retrocausality. That is why proposed destructive models cannot be proven because they have not happened yet. You can believe that an alien invasion can happen, you can believe in a second coming, you can believe in worldwide catastrophe from Global warming, however that does not mean that it is a scientific fact.

But it seems that now the crossover is now complete—your political structures are now indicating that they believe in the magic of celestial events and special symbolic numbers. It seems we are in the midst of some sort of apotheosis when it comes to the environmental catastrophic model. Many people are calling the environmental movement a “secular religion” and while the idea of saving a dying planet is a noble one, we must also point out that those who have lost their souls to the “Global warming” movement have become cynical and have kept a sinister rage hidden underneath the so called “spiritual” veneer of activism and conservationism. They are now preaching fear and panic and the end of the world in 12 years. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the number 12 has special significance – depending on who you ask. Consider this. There are 12 months in a year, and a day is made up of two 12-hour periods. In numerology, the number 12 is related to completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement, and independence. Only 12 people have walked on the moon and we can’t forget this, there are 12 days of Christmas! Thursday’s full moon is called the “Cold Moon” or “Long Night’s Moon,” for the time of year when winter really begins. It is the signal of the long nights of darkness. It has many nicknames. It has been called the Bitter Moon, the Snow Moon, the Winter- Maker Moon, and, the Small Spirits Moon. It is a moon that synchronizes with time and is symbolic of the opening of the bridge to heaven – or hell depending on where you are in astrology or how the numbers add up. This is why the moon is called the Small Spirits Moon because of how it releases mischievous spirits into the world. Over time, these spirits have been called trolls, elves, and gnomes. The Cold Moon is also symbolic of a paradigm shift into the dark unknown. Many writers, from the earliest times, have called attention to the importance of numbers and heavenly signs. It has been dealt with in a fragmentary way. One has dealt with some particular number, such as “seven”; another has been content with a view of the primary numbers as significant. There are also symbolic numbers such as 12, 144, 216 or 666. These symbolical numbers in their relation to chronology or to prophecy; are very important in realizing that pursuits in understanding God Prophecy and astrology are ever-present when discussing the occult.

In the Bible it is written: ” And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. Furthermore in 2nd Corinthians 12:12 it says “Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.” The idea of a Full Cold Moon happening on 12:12 at 12:12 am is a perfect synchronicity that marches over the bridge to Friday the 13th. We can see this as a portent – a Bridge of the Gods – a stargate that opens the door to entities to rain down upon the Earth, and at this time we know that the government of things, symbolically marked by 12, are about to change abruptly. Keep your eyes on the Obamas and the Clintons very closely.  In Gnosticism, a serpent bites its tail symbolized eternity and the soul of the world the Ouroboros as a twelve-part dragon surrounding the world with his tail in his mouth. Thus the 12 zodiac signs also direct the human blueprint. If you add the 13th house of the Zodiac the Ouroboros breaks apart and lands into the hands of Ophiuchus.Ophiuchus is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is Greek for ‘serpent-bearer’, and it is commonly represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNU2ONXIXOQ&feature=emb_logo. Ophiuchus is also called the Light Bearer or Lucifer. Ophiuchus is the character in mythology that holds the keys to the pit of Leviathan or the Hydra. The sun passes in front of the constellation Ophiuchus each year from about November 30 to December 18. As the Earth slowly wobbles, our tilt changes and this effects our perception of what constellation the Sun is in at a given time. With time, as we tilt, the constellation Ophiuchus seems to ‘dip down’ into the path of the Sun just enough to say it does cross the elliptic, so the Sun spends more than half a month’s time in Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus sits in the general direction towards the center of our galaxy. The ancients called it the ‘Gate of the Gods’. Orion sits in the opposite of this direction…which would be considered the ‘anti-galactic center’ and the ancients called this direction, the ‘Gate of man’. The Gate of the Gods is a natural Stargate where all sorts of entities are meant to come or come through. The intersection of the circles between Taurus and Gemini is known as the silver gate of heaven. The intersection of these two circles between Scorpio and Sagittarius is known as the golden gate of heaven. The galactic center lies visually from our solar system along a line that passes through the golden gate. The Cold Moon of 12:12 at 12:12 rises in Gemini. This, by all standards, is a portend and Omen to nations that something has opened and that a sign will be given that will put that which governs the affairs of the earth into a tailspin. It will trigger the control of the dragon. In Revelation 12:12 it reads: “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” The meaning of the number 12 in Scripture is God’s perfect rule through human agency or government. We see that meaning reflected in 12 apostles and 12 tribes of Israel. Furthermore in Hebrew, to double a number implies added emphasis like 12+2=24 and to multiply a number indicates the highest emphasis like 12×12=144. We are now watching as the full moon appears on 12/12 at 12:12 AM eastern time. If you are convinced that anything unusual that happens in our world “is just a coincidence”—then maybe you aren’t paying attention to world affairs. It is interesting to note that this strange confluence of numbers will only happen in the Eastern Time zone of the United States and not anywhere else in the world. All of our world’s upheavals at this moment in time are happening in the East. There was a mass shooting at a Kosher Deli in Jersey City. The shootings left at least three civilians and one police officer dead Tuesday in Jersey City, N.J., was a targeted attack, according to local authorities. Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop explained that the pair of shooters, who were also killed, had clearly singled out the kosher market on which they opened fire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88M3VfgNfZ4&feature=emb_logo.

Some 339,000 people took part in a second day of demonstrations across France over the French the government’s plans to reform the pensions system. Those who protest are saying that what is happening will starve the children. It is reported that the city of Boreaux is in inflames as rioters destroy cities. Of course it would be disingenuous to not point out that the impeachment is beginning in the U.S. House of Representatives. So now is the time to ask: Is the drama that is currently unfolding in D.C. going to represent some sort of major turning point for President Trump or for the nation as a whole? The old expression of the clock striking 12 means that time is running out. We may be entering a long night for America. The biggest concern for most Americans that are speaking of the civil war is that perhaps they waited too long. People now are concerned about new laws, executive orders, police and military behaviors and new treaties with the United Nations. All of these things are supposed to be implemented in 12 years. 12 – The magic number of panic according to a teenage messiah that is seen on the cover of TIME. That is some chilling endgame synchronicity. People who are not exactly aware of the tension wonder why there is such a problem in the United States. We still hear the sound bites like “sharing the wealth” and “socialist” the new terms that will be on everyone’s mind in 2030 — 12 years from now, as the laws will be doled out in the world plantation. Establishment of civilian operations all jurisdictions in a “police state” proposal would be over seen by the Active Army, Army National guard, U.S. Army reserve, or even a private security force if indicated. During mobilization the Army chief of staff can modify “at will” any of the plans and use any force necessary to carry out enforcement of the established proposals under Martial Law.

 If you want to know the truth The United States Government has had plans in place since 2003 to be prepared in case of any civil unrest. The ambitious 10-year Homeland Security strategic plan, code-named ENDGAME, expands “a mission first articulated in the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.” Its goal is the capability to “remove all removable aliens,” including “illegal economic migrants, aliens who have committed criminal acts, asylum-seekers (required to be retained by law) or potential terrorists.” It has now been expanded to include the homeless, the sick or infected populace, seditionists and homegrown terrorists that wish to rise up against the government. The incarceration rate and the inmate inventory may be so great that many facilities may not be able to hold the civilian inmate population. There have been other proposals hidden within ENDGAME that include virtual “cities” of inmate labor and “tent cities” that can be established to house any and all prisoners in the wake of a national crisis. ENDGAME statistics from homeland security can make one feel a little paranoid. The focus according to the new intelligence stated that right-wing extremists and libertarians are likely to be your next terrorists. Not to mention that Veterans are also seen as a threat to the government and are on watch lists to make sure they don’t post anything suspicious on Facebook or twitter because a disgruntled veteran is seen as a major threat to the government now. Robert A. Heinlein wrote: “Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms, but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners, lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, which is more significant than an all-out riot.” The first targets of social war are the media, artists and performers, talk show hosts and newspaper columnists. Then in some cases, the next targets are bank officials and business owners. Civil wars often break out when the people lose faith in the military and the police to protect them from the Executive branch of government that appears to be running amok. If this sounds like some blueprint for some destructive social engineering dynamic you are right.

Remember again the words Of TIME’s person of the year: “Adults keep saying, ‘We owe it to the young people to give them hope,” But I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.” The countdown has begun – the clock strikes 12 and the bridge will open—the question is what will happen? Once again Americans are losing their faith. Americans now see their future as a dark foreboding end where their children will grow up in a culture of brutality, a culture where Americans no longer care about the value of human life. We are now in a place where there seems to be a disconnect between our leadership and human values. We are now seeing a time where the weak are no longer defended and the powerful seek to trample them underfoot and use tools of fear and coercion to get their way. The leadership in the United States is being corrupted by sociopaths, thugs and “hitmen” with kill lists and mechanized death machines that can be used to surgically remove any American without due process of law. Elections now are no longer being used to choose leaders; they are being directed by television producers and handled like sporting events. For some odd reason we see the political structure narrowed down to two teams. Those two teams are then presented like a football roster and people join either side for reasons they really don’t understand. It is only fashionable to be “loyal” to the home team even though all of the programs across the board are falling apart and suffering. The left and right paradigm has run its course and some Americans are too addicted to the “game mentality” and so they conclude that Impeachment will rid themselves of President Trump. The new American currency is violence and cynicism. The new challenge is to sift through the conspiracy theories in order to find some sort of truth about what is really going on and expose those lies that are told for convenience. It has been shouted from the halls of government: We have 12 years left to get our act together or boom the end of the world is at hand. Is the picture plain enough? Are we now starting to see what is happening? Once a national security state has created a culture of fear and suppressed dissent, it may safely consolidate power, with minimal questioning by the media or challenges from dissident voices. When the various parties that call themselves warriors consolidates its power it is able to change without much rebellion. Policies, laws, and even constitutions are rewritten and soon the very thing you feared about your government becomes evident. 

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