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Cleaning-Up After ReRon Reagan; El Salvador

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"Our Whole Economy Is In Shatters."

December 15, 2019


"Sharyn Alfonsi: I think a lot of people in the United States think the gangs started in El Salvador and moved to the United States. But that's not what happened?


Pastor Nelson Moz: The gangs were born in the United States. Here they found gun powder to set this entire country on fire. It was just incredible how quickly it took off.


The birth of the gangs that Pastor Moz is describing started in the 1980s, when the first wave of Salvadoran migrants fled the country during its civil war.


Some formed gangs in Los Angeles. By the '90s, thousands of them who had broken the law in the U.S., were deported to El Salvador and brought gang culture with them. The government here was too weak after the civil war to keep them in check."













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32 minutes ago, CrimeaRiver said:


Hilly and Bammy=======

Image result for hillary honduras







Drunken/History-challenged Ruskies

April 12, 2005


"The 392 cables and memos record Negroponte's daily, and even hourly, activities as the powerful Ambassador to Honduras during the contra war in the early 1980s. They include dozens of cables in which the Ambassador sought to undermine regional peace efforts such as the Contadora initiative that ultimately won Costa Rican president Oscar Arias a Nobel Prize, as well as multiple reports of meetings and conversations with Honduran military officers who were instrumental in providing logistical support and infrastructure for CIA covert operations in support of the contras against Nicaragua -"our special project" as Negroponte refers to the contra war in the cable traffic. Among the records are special back channel communications with then CIA director William Casey, including a recommendation to increase the number of arms being supplied to the leading contra force, the FDN in mid 1983, and advice on how to rewrite a Presidential finding on covert operations to overthrow the Sandinistas to make it more politically palatable to an increasingly uneasy U.S. Congress.


Conspicuously absent from the cable traffic, however, is reporting on human rights atrocities that were committed by the Honduran military and its secret police unit known as Battalion 316, between 1982 and 1984, under the military leadership of General Gustavo Alvarez, Negroponte's main liaison with the Honduran government. The Honduran human rights ombudsman later found that more than 50 people disappeared at the hands of the military during those years. But, Negroponte's cables reflect no protest, or even discussion of these issues during his many meetings with General Alvarez, his deputies and Honduran President Robert Suazo. Nor do the released cables contain any reporting to Washington on the human rights abuses that were taking place."


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57 minutes ago, benson13 said:

raygun....another f'ing gop Disaster

and the rednecks made him their "God"



55 minutes ago, Duck615 said:








How Reagan Promoted Genocide

February 21, 2013





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