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A President Who Refuses To Honor And Obey Our Sacred Rule of Law Warrants Instant Removal Via Extrajudicial Means.

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Donald Trump does not respect TRUTH or our Rule of Law. He thinks Laws are just for LOSERS/

He believes that the commission of a crime is NOT a crime, as long as you get away with it.

Therefore, he should be strung-up by his own petard, swallow some of his own medicine, and suffer removal through extrajudicial means.

What's good for the Trump (can't be Indicted or even investigated) should be good for the patriot who removes Trump, correct?


What's the first things all cowardly, cornered Conservative Felons do when they realize that they can't lie their way out of a Jail Term?

> Play Kumbaya and then immediately assume an elbows and knees face-down victim position.

> Blame the "Deep State."

> Blame the wife/husband/children/intern.

> Start babbling about some imaginary "vast conspiracy."

> Try to divert attention away from their crimes by claiming they got visited by their Imaginary Deity.

> Blame Imaginary Satan for their own inherent criminal nature and/or intent.

> Claim that Prosecutors or Liberals or the Media forced them to commit crimes.

> Go to Rehab to hide out for 6 months.  

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