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A "Real" Day WORKING

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Awe gosh back in the 1980s "wages" were too "HIGH". 


These were "JOBS" that "supported" Families and "Local" Business..


When Chrysler gave the full "Screw Ya" in 1988 the Foundries and abunch else shut down around it...


Oh "nowadays" ya can go out by the Freeway make a "whopping" $10/$12 an hour..can ya speak "Espanol"


In a 1980s dollar that'd be like $30 and don't FORGET stuff was ALOT "CHEAPER" back then


Now half the town's a "CRACK GHETTO"


Better hire more Cops and beef up the DOC Budget..



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17 minutes ago, Karl Childers said:

How come that "used" to somehow "Work" in the PAST. 


But 2day we all gotta Half Starve so Wall Street can pay afew more "Dividends"

Don't freaking LIE 2 Me..


Next Civil War is "coming"


You Tech Nerds wouldn't make it a DAY on my Street


Got a "Flat" call the Insurance company


Even back at the Tow better have a "SPARE" in the trunk..


Wanna pay $8 bucks for a gallon of GAS plus "Service" Fee runs like $40

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