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Good Morning USA!


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1 hour ago, rippy38 said:


well you can start by calling those of us who feed and support your family mentally ill. that shows your true nature.

and you do have a point, it is crazy that we have to feed your family of moochers while you hate our guts for being smarter , kinder and better than those of you we are forced to care for.


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1 minute ago, Zaro said:

Trump News?

“Democrats in states and districts the president won are at serious risk if they vote for impeachment. So they are rushing to vote for the president’s popular positions,” he said, adding, “If [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer keep pressing impeachment, it’s likely the president will get his entire agenda passed and reelected in a landslide.”



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“At the end of the day, the president did nothing wrong and they are grasping at straws to try to figure out how they can impeach him.”

“It’s exactly like Nancy Pelosi said last night [meaning Thursday night]. They’ve been working on this for two-and-a-half years. She made that loud and clear, that this had nothing to do with the Ukraine [phone] call [on July 25] and everything to do with trying to take out a president they simply don’t like.”


- Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


And she is 100% correct!

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