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Old Macks picture storage thread:

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The nation’s leading closeted self-loathing gay Republican organization is throwing a hissy fit over “Get Enrolled,” an adorable new Obamacare-related Christmas-themed video aimed at getting gays to sign up for health insurance. The Log Cabin Republicans are particularly incensed that the video, produced by a group called Out2Enroll, contains shots of some rather hot elves, which bring to mind the Kmart Jingle Bell boys we wrote about earlier.




wingdinger, drjoke, pho pho and zarus getting ready to party.


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11 hours ago, KneeJerk said:

 "You are all fake news."








That is what he is saying to them.


Image result for barack obama e vladimir putin

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2 hours ago, Old Mack said:

d216afd0-5dd9-11ea-8ff4-7f1d6dce27d1.cf.webpSenator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont and 2020 presidential candidate, speaks during a primary night rally in Essex Junction, Vermont, U.S., on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The biggest day of the presidential primary calendar will define the nomination fight for Sanders and Joe Biden and determine whether Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren have a rationale for carrying on their campaigns.


Two Old Pasty White Cockroaches...


Both Millionaires... And Both never had a job that wasn't a Government Tit.


The Cockroach - will win the DNSC Party Nomination.



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