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Third Impeachment; BY FAR The MOST SERIOUS!!!

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Third Impeachment; BY FAR, The MOST SERIOUS!!!

December 13, 2019


"Nixon abused presidential powers to improperly influence the election, he covered up his actions using the FBI and the CIA, and, thereafter, he rightfully resigned the presidency.


In the case of Bill Clinton in 1998, there was no foreign interference, no election meddling and no attempt to subvert our Constitution.


In the case of Trump, not only has he similarly abused his power to improperly put his thumb on the scale of the Election, he used a foreign power to do it."



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Trump asked for a corruption investigation that would be in our national interest. Shooting the messenger by pointing out this investigation might implicate Biden in criminal wrongdoing is disingenuous. The fact remains he didn't ask for political dirt. He didn't ask for discounts in building Trump tower Kiev. He asked for a criminal investigation into Burisma and the potential conflict of interest that sheltered its investigation that had roots in the Obama administration. 

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