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FINALLY, ONE after ANOTHER, the major News Agencies are ALL on board... IG Report confirms FBI DECEIVED FISA Judges, ABUSED their POWER, and is a COMPLETE MESS !!

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FINALLY, ONE after ANOTHER, the major News Agencies are ALL on board... IG Report confirms FBI DECEIVED FISA Judges, ABUSED their POWER, and is a COMPLETE MESS !!


It took a while, but I guess after thinking about it, most of the Major News outlets are issuing stories about the ABUSE, MISCONDUCT, CORRUPT FBI... that is at the LEAST a MESS, and is MOST probably CORRUPT, BIASED, and ARROGANT !!


I don't see HOW it can EVER function as the PREMIERE Law Enforcement agency in America, UNTILL it is Taken APART, GUTTED, REFORMED, and REBUILT... with ALL of those involved with the Abuses SENT to LONG PRISON sentenced, and REBUKED by EVERY LEGITIMATE Political entity, and NEWS organization in AMERICA !!


Some of us have been SAYING that EXACTLY this had been going on for 3 years... to THAT we were called Crazy, Insane, Un American, and LIARS !!  NOW, who was RIGHT all Along... It WAS NOT the Liberals and the Democrats... THEY were the LIARS !!













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4 hours ago, leftwinger said:



1.  The TRUTH is coming OUT, 

2.  Donald Trump will NEVER be removed from office... AND,

3.  51% of Americans NOW DO NOT support impeaching Donald Trump !!


Donald Trump will win the 2020 election in a LANDSLIDE... and Democrats will LOSE thew House, and LOSE seats in the Senate...


The Democrats are MORONS !!

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2 minutes ago, leftwinger said:




Democrats and the DEEP STATE are TRAITORS to the United States... AND, THEY will be TRIED and CONVICTED, and spend YEARS in PRISON as a result !!


Donald Trump after THREE YEARS of Democrat WITCH HUNTS... has been convicted of NOTHING !!  AND


BECAUSE of FAILED Democrat Witch Hunts, AND more and MORE REAL investigations shining a SPOT LIGHT of CORRUPT Democrats and Deep State SOB's...  America is consolidating AROUND a 2020 RE-ELECTION of Donald Trump !!



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