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DECEMBER 15, 2019

In Part1 and 2 we discussed a series of issues. Such issues were: Nuwaubian freemasons in East Cleveland, Ohio, embraces the ghost cycle. They tie in with the ghost people and Wiccan doctrine. However, its easy to hide from other Nuwaubians when there is noone to watch them on a daily basis. And if one is around them who is monitoring their evil activities, if their numbers are greater, then the two will combine testimonies falsely breaking down character of the observer. This is a typical Black Illuminati trait. Instead of these so-called Nuwaubians spreading right knowledge, they instead spread gnostism on a much different level than that of the Keltics, Celtics, or Seltics. Their Grotto is a veiled mystic order unlike what Dr. York taught. The letter "G" is their symbol much like Prince Hall freemasons , Scottishrite freemasons, and Yorkrite freemasons. These so-called Nuwaubians, who secretly support the mentality of the overlords, is tied in with ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and djinn (genii). A god is anything or being in control of other things and beings, which makes god conscious death gases.  The Boule Society works with white supremacist freemasons. And all those nlack people working with the Boule Society also support and uphold white supremacy due to embracing the lifestyle and ambitions imitating those within the Order of the Boule Society. The Rothchilds, who controls nearly everything happening on the Planet earth, has extraterrestrial overlords. This information is known by all freemasons, and over 99.9% of them work according to the instruction and orders of the Rothchilds. 

The Rothchilds secret teachings reveal to all freemasons that white supremacist, and others, when they die, get trapped here as ghosts. The only way they gain freedom from this so-called limbo, once they past from the physical realm, is from the number of souls they were able to supply their overlords whom they serve. It is a further fact that when they are concieved in the womb, at the 6th month, spirits or fairies come into the unborn child and take over. They themselves are not able to go any further. They are considered white orbs or dim light apparitions of 6th ether. These facts are known by Prince hall freemasons, members of the Boule Society, and every other organization tied in with the Boule across the globe. And yet these demons sacrifice the black and latino races on a daily basis for white supremacists with extraterrestrial overlords. The Hindu East Indians claim that white supremacists is the moon cycle men extracted from the Dravidians in India, as a result of disobedience to the laws and commandments of the sun. Even the Arabs are tied in with the species which is why they all embrace Matronae.  East Indians claim that by nature all white supremacists are feminine. This is one reason why they are able to attract other races by nature as thoroughly as they do. Most all of them are bi-sexual. Both males and females.  They are ruled by sexual pleasure. The live to lust and lust to live. They try to attract all other sub races in sex. But the white supremacist male fear the blackman with his females. They know white supremacist females are attracted to black males which is why they will kill and castrate a black male evn for looking at a caucasian female.  Intercourse and birth of a child by a blackman leads to the end of white supremacy. The Boule Society, who was behind the assassination of Dr. King, has nearly every black and latino on the planet supporting white supremacy. They also aid white supremacists with the souls of black and brown people to assure that after the physical life the white supremacist doesn't have to reside as a ghost in this realm. And in turn for their evil deeds they are allowed to gain power, fame, and wealth from white supremacists and their many extratrrestrial overlords. 

Any black or latino who is willing to kill for money has been persuaded by someone within the Order of the Boule. Each death of a black person assures white supremacists, once they die, freedom from limbo in this realm.  The Boule is very cunning and have managed to convince black and latino christians that when everyone dies they all go through the same things! This is an outright lie and they know it. So as long as blacks and latinos are manipulated into believing such a lie the Boule, black freemasons, and all of their minions are rewarded with wealth and some sort of power. Even Nuwaubians in East Cleveland who are no different than members of the Boule or Prince hall freemasons, consciously or unconsciously, is aiding white supremacists with a way out of hell through blood sacrifice of people of color. The more souls of black folks given to the overlords, the more and more many of them are rewarded at the end of their physical journey. 

The Black Devil is very deceptive and highly clever. We will just reveal how deceptive the Black Devil is in 2019. In the Jesus story from the Bible, Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot. The Romans sought to know who it was revealing powerful information and was performing miraculous things. So Judas secretly spoke with Roman police about Jesus, asked what type of bounty was on his head, informed the police he knew where Jesus was at all times and would keep a watch on him. James, the so-called Nuwaubian in East Cleveland, recently told a blackman that he spoke with police about him. The blackman felt that this was odd and contacted that police department to find out through a news source's contact what was actually talked about. James had asked questions in regards to one matter and then, according to the local news source, supplied the name of a blackman and informed police that he knew where the blackman was.  And just as was done to the historical Jesus, there was a waiting time prior to the apprehension of Jesus. Judas was payed, according to the Jesus story, so many pieces of silver for betraying Jesus as a reward for his services. And like James the so-called Nuwaubian in East Cleveland, Judas went back to the fraternity members and re-arranged the entire story  keeping the planned abduction of Jesus from ever being known by any of those who were his brtethren. So what is the similarity of the story of Jesus and that dealing with the blackman secretly being betrayed by James the Nuwaubian? This was also one of the ways Dr. Malachi Z. York was betrayed by followers. Black people claim that christianity is their religion. They recognize that Jesus was betrayed by Judas but have allowed themselves to be tempted by the new Romans with the "see something say something mantra." Everyday a black person is snitching out another and will then secretly speak with parties and try to assassinate the character of the one they betrayed. Black Devils are real and they exist amongst us proclaiming their love for the black people. But in all actuality they are out for material gain for themselves. Usually when a Black Devil betrays another they will come up with mystery money. 

Most highly deceitful black devils say they don't celebrate the holidays of the pagans.  Some even secretly celebrate christmas in one way or another. Many children, because of the adult devils surrounding them in many forms, believe that Santa Claus is an actual person. They call him Chris Cringle. Chris=Christ and Saint Nick=Saint and Holy. They know how Santa Claus dresses, how he looks, how he has helpers, his words "ho ho ho", how he flies through the skies with flying reindeer, how he gives gifts and makes people happy, how he lives way up in the North Pole, et cetera. People spend their hard earned money on gifts, which the word "gift" in German means "poison." This is the same exact story created in both the Quran and the Bible about their god and angels. Santa Claus knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good. This is the same and people all over await christmas. So who was born on christmas? They have music, feasts, rituals, and symbols. And yet its not real. How is Santa Claus suppose to be good like God?  The Boule Society and their many minions, assist with this indoctrination to further send into povertyboth blacks and latinos. Caucasian freemasons and other caucasian secret societies do the same to the caucasian race.  Also, in black, latino, and caucasian communities, when you walk into Department Stores, subliminal messages is used in the ambient music to allegedly, deter shoplifting. 

Others use advanced encephalographic techniques to control behavior. Even air crafts will spray insecticides in communities to invoke a fear response from all of those who weren't genetically engineered. This effects those who are phobic on high levels. Those with Claustrophobia, and those suffering from various forms of paranoia, will have their already existent phobias heightened by the insecticides to unbearable levels causing them to become murderers and serial killers. This is a Pentagon project! Adterwards, the electronic devices relay messages that tell them with the phobias, specifically what to do with their fear in order to alleviate it. Fear is the oldest tools of power and if you are distracted by fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above or in high places. Alot of these insecticides are now in the form of pills being given to those with phobias, and is just as powerful as the spray. Alot of medication in 2019, has micro-chips within them, and is not being reported. Only one form of medication got exposed and this is what the local and national news media covered. They spoke of a medication that was to be given to people with mental disabilities that possessed a micro-chip inside of it. The micro-chip would let doctors and others know if the medicine was being taken by the patient. They further claimed that people wouldn't be forced to take it. They would manipulate patients and their Care Givers by stating that the medication was the best on the market, and they only got positive results. They would make the medicine sound like it was from heaven itself, and people would accept it.  They claimed that there would be no consequences if patients didn't take the medicine, but doctors have stated that the State and Federal aouthrities would use this as leverage to hinder American's disability checks and other forms of benefits. So there was a catch after all!

People with bi-polar disorder have been a scientific study that still provide newer information. And those with bi-polar disorder, who have the Rh-Negative blood type, are the government's most precious prizes. Parties within the Pentagon have claimed that people with bi-polar and who have the Rh-Negative blood type, are psychic and telepathic. The Pentagon used women in their experiments because the women displayed a more favorable outcome. This is why white supremacists working with government officials allowed caucasian women, respectively, to mate with blackmen, and the men would move them within black communities. Black people never for a moment thought that the women would possess psychic abilities, including forms of telepathy. These people would be equipt with brain micro-chips and those controlling the chips would mimick their thought processes, and could invoke thoughts within the subjects. This is why black communities were ripped apart when blackmen got involved with caucasian bi-polar females, mostly during the Obama Administration. President Obama himself knew about the project, but of course like everything else, he will deny it. And once this was exposed, they started using black females. And then they started using blackmen against black females. And then it spreaded to all races and communities which is why there is so much chaos everywhere in 2019. And believe it or not, the Rothschilds and the Queen of England were kept updated on all successful projects.  The Reptilian Royal families have made their presence known inside America, and they have appointed specific person(s) everywhere. They operate in Politics (Mayor Cuomo, Senator Blumenthal, Senator Lindsey Graham, Governor Malloy, et cetera), industry, organized crime, and anything that is corruptable. 

They have even infiltrated law enforcement on city, state, and federal levels. Americans must understand that for the New World Order to be brought into full compliance, there must be wars everywhere, and nations shall burn. Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Palestine, and Syria, to name a few, were some of the first experiments. Every country must suffer a complete financial meltdown as well. This is why the world is on the brink of the last and final great war. The turmoil in the Middle East, the crisis in Europe, the Arab Spring, et cetera, is maximizing at full capacity. Saudi Arabia and Hillary Clinton, et cetera, are responsible for the rise of the Islamic State or Isis. They have used their local and national news medias to spell bind people into believing that they were against Isis. Isis were trained by the CIA, and is both funded and supplied weapons by the U.S. The U.S., under the direction from where Satan sits on his throne within the State of Israel, has allowed Isis and other agents to infiltrate everywhere. And just recently, the Queen of England appointed a new leader over the Commonwealth, who happens to be the Prince of Wales. 

Americans seem to forget that the CIA has all forms of technology that many of you claim isn't so. The CIA has technology to alter the weather, create rain, snow, earthquake, and more. In fact, those within the CIA with this technology isn't your lower level agents who are always on CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News, to name a few. These agents are what you would term; "alien human hybrids." Their miltary clearance is so high that they are not only integrated within Deep State, and whether any of you believe it or not, they correspond with actual extraterrestrial overlords influencing earth. The New World Order is about the disappearance of all humans, and the rise of alien human hybrids, who are the slaves of different species of extraterrestrials. Superman could not see through lead which is why they had all lead removed from homes, just so they can see you inside. The electromagnetic chaos they emitt from wifi, cell phones, and smart devices is responsible for all of the different cancers forming inside of humans. Many doctors are working for them and isn't telling humans the truth! Their plan is to rid the planet's population down to less than 500,000,000.  They have planted drugs like Flakka, Synthetic Heroin, Synthetic marijuana, and other different strains of drugs within American neighborhoods and communities just so chaos and death will follow. Their job is to see to it that humans mentally, physically, and spirtually fail. They also have devices which captures souls during their departure from human bodies which ties in with religions when they say that Satan has souls and tortures them. They are using the weather as a weapon against Americans just as they've did to other countries in the 1990's, and at the turn of the millenium. So watch out for all those sleepers claiming that it isnt so. And even watch out for those claiming that it is so but feeds disinformation within their testimonies to confuse you. These demons who gave you your christmas and your Santa Claus is also secretly killing you. 

In Conclusion: Further fallacy on christmas: While Saint Nick may bring gifts to good boy s and girls, ancient folklore in Europe also tells of Krampus, a frightening beast-like creature who emerges during the Yule season, looking for naughty children to punish in horrible way s or possibly to drag them back to his lair in a sack. In keeping with pre-Germanic Pagan traditions, men dressed as these forest demons have been frightening children on Krampusnacht for centuries, chasing them and hitting them with sticks, during parades and winter festivals. Krampus, whose name is derived from the German word Krampen, meaning claw, is said to be the son of Hel in Norse mythology. This legendary beast also shares characteristics with other terrifying creatures in many mythologies. Although this being looks more demonic in nature many people do not realize that Krampus has a relationship with elves, fairies, satyrs and fauns. In Catholicism, St. Nick is the patron saint of children or God. His Saints Day falls in early December, which helped strengthen his association with the Yuletide season. Many European cultures not only welcomed the kindly man as a figure of generosity and benevolence to reward the good, but they also feared his menacing counterparts who punished the bad. Parts of Germany and Austria dread the beastly Krampus, while other Germanic regions have Belsnickle and Knecht Ruprecht, black-bearded men who carry switches to beat children. France has Hans Trapp and Père Fouettard. Europeans really pushed the thought of the good cop bad cop Santa experience and when we were kids “You better watch out, You better not Cry” was actually a warning that Krampus was coming to weed out the bad kids so that Santa did not have to deal with them. The legend is part of a centuries-old Christmas tradition in Germany, where Christmas celebrations begin in early December. Krampus was created as a counterpart to kindly St. Nicholas, who rewarded children with sweets. Krampus, in contrast, would swat “wicked” children, stuff them in a sack, and take them away to his lair.

According to folklore, Krampus purportedly shows up in towns the night of December 5, known as Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night. The next day, December 6, is Nikolaustag, or St. Nicholas Day, when children look outside their door to see if the shoe or boot they’d left out the night before contains either presents a reward for good behavior or a rod bad behavior. The Catholic Church did it’s best to forbid people from using Krampus as a boogie man to scare children into being good –and yet his resurgence has actually triggered a negative response to Santa –as many fundamentalist Christian groups have claimed that both Krampus and Santa are one in the same. However, what most people fail to realize is that Krampus is actually a symbol of Judgment Day. Krampus is actually the judge that either puts you on the evil list or leaves you alone to bask in the light of the good—Santa represents the good or while it isn’t popular to say, the messianic figure of Jesus. It is actually a metaphor for the Second Coming. Many biblical scholars are well aware that when Jesus returns he will not wear robes of white but a red robe. In the 19th chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse, it says that he will wear robes that are dipped in blood. This is not a reference to the blood He shed on the cross. It is simply given in a militant context where the blood will that of his enemies. He wears robes that look as if he has tread in the winepress. Just like Krampus is terrible for the bad kids and Santa is great for the good ones. The reigning power of the winter months is darkness, as the nights seem long and shadows tend to play tricks on the mind as they are cast away from the flickering fire. The arrival of winter in ancient times was not as casual of an affair as it is now. The darkness of the solstice would envelop the villages and the countryside and many people would see it as a time of sickness and in some cases, it was a time to prepare for death. Even before Christmas was even celebrated there were rituals that were performed that included the building of large fires and lighting trees with candles. These rituals were meant to keep the winter beasts of the forest away. During the cold winter months, these beasts would search for food and their prey would often be the animals of the farm. The sheep, the pigs, and even the dogs were found mangled and disemboweled as these shadowy creatures would move through the farmland.

It was also normal for these beasts to attack children. Most of these creatures were quite possibly wolves or bears. However, there were other creatures that were reportedly seen that were described as cannibalistic giants that fed off of the blood of humans. They were unknown creatures of the woods. Their growls and howling were heard nightly and the crunching of the snow as they walked through town kept the little children under their beds and in the cellars where they could find safety. For the pre-Christian Norse and other Germanic peoples, humans were far from the only intelligent or conscious life forms in the world. Every animal, plant, rock, river, lake, and other elements of what we today would call the “natural world” had its particular animating spirit. The world was also filled with countless beings that were indescribable. Some were invisible, while others would be seen crouching at your bedside waiting to pounce and rip your heart out. The giants, more properly called the “devourers,” were the chaotic spirits of night, darkness, winter, and death. Krampus is thought to punish naughty children during the German Christmas season. The demonic creature is said to capture the worst offenders in his sack and carry them away to his lair. Krampus is said to be hairy, usually brown or black, and has the cloven hooves and horns of a goat. He has a long pointed tongue that he lolls out. Depending on the story, Krampus may have chained shackles on his wrists, signifying his enslavement to St. Nicholas. Generally though, Krampus will be wearing several large bells (as a warning to any who hear them that he’s coming), along with a large wicker basket and birch rod. If someone has been bad, Krampus will either threaten a beating with his birch rod or actually give one. If his target has been particularly bad, then Krampus stuffs them into his wicker basket, and drags them off to punish them for their crimes. For most people, before the 1800s, Christmas was not a domestic quiet holiday; it was a holiday characterized by unruliness and irreverence. It was sort of like a combination of Halloween, New Year’s Eve and Mardi Gras.

This certainly has fundamentalists reeling as many of them despise the Santa myth as they believe it clouds the thoughts of Jesus. This year, there seems to be a dark shadow falling on Christmas and it is happening without the whipping and tongue-wagging of Krampus. Now, this all can be a dark coincidence or a prank but it is certainly worth noting. It all started in a small town in British Columbia, a newspaper made an unintentionally hilarious error in their advertisement for a local Christmas fair. The Comox Valley Record had a typo that accidentally invited everyone to take photos with Satan at a holiday event in Courtenay, B.C. The paper was only printed on November 21, but the internet has wasted no time roasting them for it. The people of the internet don’t let anything slide, spelling mistakes included. The advertisement, which got significant attention after it was posted on Reddit, highlighted “Photos with Satan” instead of “Photos with Santa” as one of the activities at Courtenay’s Christmas fair. Well, of course, people were worried that their kids would be posing with the other guy in red but the typo was corrected and all was happy. However, two weeks later something weird happened at the Internal Operations center at NORAD. A typo on an internal operations order diverted the beloved Santa-tracking program to describing the location of Satan this year from December 24–25. Now, this was obviously a joke as there were those in on the joke saying that they would be eager to trace the sulfur trails and the clove hoof footprints on rooftops this season. I never really imagined the possibility of Santa or even Satan leaving behind a Chemtrail of sulfur, making everyone sick for the holidays. The viral joke of Satan vs. Santa actually got the attention of the well known on Twitter account as the Prince of Darkness was complaining that he keeps getting Christmas wish lists from dyslexic kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awp2GbrOARk&feature=emb_logo.

However, while we observe the various typos that are aligning the Prince of Darkness and Santa, there apparently is a new book that has been published that has a lot of Christian parents worry that it may end up under the tree this year. The book is called “A Children’s Book of Demons” by Aaron Leighton. It is being widely distributed and it is sold on Amazon, at Walmart and some of the largest book stores in the country. Some people say that the book is actually a grimoire, a manual of witchcraft to invoke demons and the spirit of the dead for children. For example, Leighton writes: “Don’t want to take out the trash tonight? Maybe you’re swimming in homework? Perhaps that big bully is being a real drag? Well, grab your colored pencils and sigil drawing skills and dial-up some demons! But be careful, even if these spirits are more silly than scary they are still demons.” Telling children to draw sigils and dial-up demons is a bit much but then you have some of the demon names that he has created that makes you think it is all in fun. Demons like “Flatulus,” whose talent is passing gas; “Quazitoro,” an expert at finding missing objects; and “Spanglox,” “the best-dressed demon in the underworld,” who offers cutting-edge fashion advice. All of these demons is the book look like ugly dolls and cartoonish. But each “demon” is accompanied by a sigil that is powered with magic and a “cute” drawing that is replete with occult symbolism. There is a big demon that wears a pentagram and another that resembles Baphomet. There is even a sigil list that can be used to summon these demons; children are encouraged to reproduce their sigils, which are very similar to actual sigils in the Goetia – the classic reference work for black magic. Goetia is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons, specifically the ones summoned by the Biblical figure, King Solomon. The use of the term in English largely derives from the 17th-century grimoire Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section.

Some claim that this book is normalizing Satanism for children. By catering to children’s wants and needs (chores, homework, etc.), the book over-simplifies the extremely dark and complex world of ceremonial magic and turns it into a fun game. However, any occultist will be keen to say: Black magic is not a game. And it is definitely not for children. Some will argue that exposing kids to Santa or even Krampus is basically the same thing but at least Krampus or Santa do not encourage occult practices. We all know Christmas is really just an extension of ancient winter solstice celebrations recognized the world over. Krampus and his do-gooder pal Clause are examples of established pagan figures adapted and assimilated to meet the needs of Christianity, in this case, the biblical devil and a benevolent saint, likely modeled after the Roman god Saturn. But tradition and culture have a way of bending with time. Today, Krampus is still used by parents as a deterrent, but his main role is as a continuation of cultural narrative in remote alpine regions of Austria and Germany. Krampus has also arrived in the United States as a symbol of those who are anti-establishment and loathe the commercialism of the Christmas holiday. Each year in the US, there are more and more celebrations of Krampusnacht. While many people fear that this is just more proof of the war on Christmas, it can be seen as an ironic and obvious twist on the Grinch or even Ebenezer Scrooge. It is always uncomfortable to say to people that the origins of the Christmas celebrations are evolutionary. We added a little of the birthday of Christ and somehow mashed up the pagan celebrations with it. There were also Luciferian celebrations of light and of course there is also a little bit of the satanic because after all, the whole fantasy within the mythology is all about the war between God and the devil and in some ways it is also a ritualistic way of remembering Judgment Day and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Creating scary stories during the darkest Holidays is a hallowed tradition; a folk custom stretches back centuries when families would wile away the winter nights with tales of spooks and monsters. The transition from Halloween to Christmas has always been a daunting task. As the nights darken and we head towards the New Year, filled with anxiety and hope, what better emissaries are there to scare us into being better to one another than the pagan winter monsters of the past. 

Since the dawn of the new millennium and in this slow and daunting journey through the first 19 years of the century, “quantum theory” has been a great aggregate explaining all that is possible. There have been a number of people who speak about the esoteric in terms of quantum entanglement as the halfway point between science and magic. It has been implied and critically so, that quantum mechanics are somehow proof or a good reason to say that anything can happen and it usually does. However, it may be said accurately that rather, quantum possibilities should really be about probabilities which can be analyzed on a sub atomic level. However, with scientific critique and intricate word salad aside, the world and the space that surrounds it is infinite and thus, it is counter-intuitive to say there are only finite possibilities or probabilities in the infinite universe. Chaos theory is about how complex the world is. The world is so complex scientists cannot predict what will happen. One small change, even a seemingly tiny insignificant change has huge consequences. In our daily lives, we may not really stop and ponder that there is a cloud of chaotic relationships with time, dates and numbers in the world. The reason is there is really no exposure or even dialogue associated with the idea of echoes in time, memories of being somewhere that you have never been or even remembering a life that you have never lived.

There is limited exposure to thoughts of PSI – or even super human qualities that people often keep to themselves out of fear of being exposed and exploited negatively. You have life energy that is unique to you. It is as unique as a fingerprint or your own DNA. Radionics studies tell us that every part of an individual; brain, nerves, muscles, sinews, even cells have certain vibrations. The theory is that illness; injury, infection, stress, environment or poor hygiene can cause the vibrations to become imbalanced. Many other factors cause body life energy to be altered. This altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body and treated by sending messages, with an instrument, to the body in order that the body may heal itself through the restored flow of energy. Well, keep in mind the old urban legend about the woman who accidentally runs over her small child with her car. While we are told the story is true – the focus is on a frail young mother who during a snowstorm, accidentally backed her car over her child and pinned him in a snowdrift. She heard his screams and got out of the car. She tried to pull forward but the car’s tires spun on the ice. In sheer panic, she runs behind the car and begins to lift it. With all of her strength she manages to lift the car away from the drift saving her young boy.

This story has always been a lesson in what adrenaline can do as it shoots through the body of someone in panic. Adrenaline is responsible for the action and multi-tasking that is happening in a panicked situation. It may have contributed to the added strength of the young mother lifting the car, but the biggest question is, what kept the mother from breaking her bones or ripping muscles and tendons as she lifted her vehicle? It is all about mind power and how our brains are stronger that we can even fathom. It is the notion that if we were somehow able to use more parts of our brain we may uncover hidden memories, and super powers of mind and body. All information that is offered to you, even information not spoken, has irreversible affects on you and changes the way you see the world. However, there are theories that make the leap into the idea that we may have in our unconscious minds some of the preexisting experience of our ancestors. Trauma is handed down generation after generation where memories exist that we have never experienced first-hand. In 1950, Immanuel Velikovsky published, Worlds in Collision, a book detailing that in antiquity, catastrophe and cosmic upheaval were re-occurring events. Velikovsky’s research led to the disturbing conclusion that early civilizations may have experienced an end to their world and that the trauma of world’s colliding and dimensions melding together may be responsible for our reoccurring fears of the apocalypse or an abrupt ending of the world.

New research suggests that experiencing intense psychological trauma may have a genetic impact on a person’s future children. A study examining the DNA of Holocaust survivors and their children found similar variations from the norm in both generations for the gene associated with depression and anxiety disorders. The findings imply that children of individuals who experience profound stress in life may be more likely to develop stress or anxiety disorders themselves. Another question is, does stress from trauma the only thing passed down from our genealogical pedigree? Even with images and sound we sometimes share the same interpretations of what we see and hear in agreement with our mothers and fathers. For example, there is a sound experiment where tones are generated a half an octave apart or a tritone—and when they are played create an experience that cannot be described in words alone. Diana Deutch discovered what is now called the, triton paradox, in 1986. The basic pattern that produces this illusion consists of two computer-produced tones that are related by a half-octave. When one tone of a pair is played, followed by the second, some people hear an ascending pattern. But other people, on listening to the identical pair of tones, hear a descending pattern instead.

While people cannot agree on which way the octaves are played up down or down up, they are internally consistent in identifying the pattern in the future. The familiarity of the sound will remain consistent and the direction you hear it will repeat and it will never change. The other weird fact is by the way you hear the tones — it will be shared by how your father or mother hears them – it is connected to familiar speech tones that you shared with them growing up. Now can this mean that we somehow have memoires given to us by long dead ancestors? Is their unconscious recall of the locations they visited or lived in? If we carry traits of our genetic ancestors, could we also share a memory or even a mass feeling that what we are experiencing has happened before? Can we be experiencing a metaphoric mirroring of what happened before? In some affairs of the present, it is wise to go back and try to understand the philosophies that have been offered in past as illustrations of what always has been. What I am meaning is, the more things we believe are changing become nothing more than mere Mobius strips that repeat themselves like echoes in transit to the contemporary epoch that seems so new, so sudden and odd.

The Mobius strip is literally a ribbon or band that is formed into a horizontal figure eight a symbol that is often called the eternal lemniscate or eternal ribbon. Theoretically, if you are like an ant roaming the Mobius strip, chances are you will encounter the same experience twice – and then as you contemplate why your experience is repeating, you journey forward again thinking why is it that you get feeling as if you have been here before. Deja vu is like the Mobius strip – it is the syndrome of seeing the same thing happen twice. In the Mobius strip, you are in and out at the same time. Put in a few more twists, and you can repeat this more times within one cycle. As we grow old the number of twists in the strip increases, and those moments of deja vu increase till such time that the number of twists are so many that really the properties of the twists are microscopic compared to those of the strip itself. Déjà vu is one of the strangest phenomena in medical science, and no one can definitively say for certain what causes it. The most widely accepted theory is that déjà vu is the result of mistimed firing of neurons which triggers a temporary glitch in the processing of incoming information within the brain.

Déjà vu is also theorized to be a result of a disruption in the time-space continuum. Others theorize that déjà vu is a result of spiritual forces at play that are not of this Earth. Some people believe that it is the work of the cosmic trickster moving the universe and time either in your favor or as an obstacle to your progress. It can be all about the possibility and probability of time left up to quantum speculation and chaos theory. According to Homer, we all have dualistic existence. We have our visible existence that is with us when we are alive and another existence that appears just before we die. This is known as the “feeble double” the darker self that appears in the deepest despair. If we lose track of the conscious self, the feeble double is known to appear and when it does all mayhem will be loose. The cycle sends the signal and we must learn that all things need balance and hopefully we can avoid being a monster. Doctors and neurologists are completely baffled by a 23-year-old British man’s ongoing battle with a chronic “Groundhog Day” phenomenon that finds him stuck in a debilitating déjà vu time loop that first began eight years ago. The man told doctors that he was “trapped in a time loop” and it felt like he was reliving the past moment by moment. He can no longer watch television, listen to the radio, or read books or magazines because it feels as if the material is being sourced from his memories, resulting in what can only be described as a painful Truman Show-like anxiety.

What has experts mystified the most is the fact that the most extreme and intense cases of déjà vu are only found in people who have seizures in the temporal lobe such as “temporal lobe epilepsy”. The patient’s brain scans, however, are crystal clear and show zero signs of damage, seizures, or any neurological conditions whatsoever. His memory also passed all tests and showed no problems. The young man is therefore the world’s first recorded case in medical history of what is now being called “psychogenic déjà vu”, which is déjà vu triggered by anxiety rather than a neurological condition such as dementia or epilepsy. Details of the strange case were first published by the Journal of Medical Case Reports in December 2014. Dr. Christine Wells is a psychology expert from Sheffield Hallam University and author of the report, who writes: “Rather than simply the unsettling feelings of familiarity which are normally associated with déjà vu, our subject complained that it felt like he was actually retrieving previous experiences from memory, not just finding them familiar. Most cases like this occur as a side effect associated with epileptic seizures or dementia. However, in this instance it appears as though the episodes of déjà vu could be linked to anxiety causing mistimed neuronal firing in the brain, which causes more déjà vu and in turn brings about more anxiety.

There is an ancient fact that has been held by the Egyptians that the magnetic influence of the Sun and the orbs known as stars, the alignment of planets and the synchronization of time, influences the way mankind goes about the business of being human. There are old sayings that are found in the Bible stating there is nothing new under the Sun, and the old axiom that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Literally, it means that we have all experienced this before and if you are felling a sense of a major cosmic confluence of déjà vu, you are most certainly not alone.

In Conclusion: “It’s A Good Life” is one of those famous Twilight Zone episodes; one of those episodes where it’s hard to find much to say that hasn’t already been said. It is one of those episodes where Rod Serling steps out of the fog to tell us in his dry voice that there is yet another monster that we will be acquainted with. However, this monster is isolated in a small Ohio town and is a young boy.  It is one of those horrific twists where a child is the face of evil where adults become the scapegoat for all of his problems – Anthony has what can be determined to be “godlike” powers. He creates horrible creatures, such as three-headed gophers, which he then kills. Everybody is under his rule, even his parents. The people live in fear of him, constantly telling him how everything he does is “good,” since he banishes anyone thinking unhappy thoughts into the otherworldly cornfield from which there is no return. Never having experienced any form of discipline, Anthony does not even understand that his actions are wrong, and is confused when his father tells him that the neighbors are reluctant to let their children play with him after he banishes several of his playmates to the cornfield. One night each week, Anthony gives the townsfolk one hour of television, which he creates and projects onto the family TV set. The adults gather around in the Fremonts’ living room, squirming uncomfortably as Anthony shows them a vision of screaming dinosaurs, engaged in a gory battle. Unable to voice their real feelings, they tell Anthony that it was far better than what used to be on TV. Eventually during a birthday party one of the adults snaps and calls the child a monster and a murderer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxTMbIxEj-E&feature=emb_logo.

While Anthony’s anger grows, one of the adults suggests that someone should attack Anthony from behind and end his reign of terror. Aunt Amy tentatively reaches for a fireplace poker, but no one has the courage to act. Anthony transforms his attacker into a jack-in-the-box, causing his wife to break down. The adults are horrified at what Anthony has done, and his father asks him to wish Dan into the cornfield, which Anthony does. He then causes snow to begin falling outside. The snow will kill off at least half the crops and the town will face starvation. Anthony’s father starts to rebuke Anthony about this, but his wife and the other adults look on with worried smiles on their faces. The father then smiles and tells Anthony in a terrified voice, “…But its good you’re making it snow. A real good thing. And tomorrow… tomorrow’s gonna be a… real good day!” For as much as we mythologize childhood innocence, the truth is that almost all kids are impulsive and spontaneous and they are without tact. They are prone to sticking their fingers in psychological wounds and wriggling them around. The job of a parent, then, is to funnel all of those normal emotions into a direction that will be more socially acceptable, to turn a child who doesn’t feel empathy for others into someone who will function in a system that’s often predicated on everybody doing their best to work together as a unit. But parents have this leverage over their children not just because they brought their children into the world but also because they’re bigger and stronger than their children and because they provide everything their children need to survive. It’s a symbiotic relationship, and when it works at its best, the child transitions to adulthood just as the parents are able to let go. At that point, hopefully the child knows enough to make it on their own. When Serling made “The Good Life” he wanted to show what happens when all those advantages are taken away from the adult and places them in the hands of the child. In this particular episode Rod Serling gives a rather short narrative:

“No comment here, no comment at all. We only wanted to introduce you to one of our very special citizens, little Anthony Fremont, age 6, who lives in a village called Peaksville, in a place that used to be Ohio. And, if by some strange chance, you should run across him, you had best think only good thoughts. Anything less than that is handled at your own risk, because if you do meet Anthony, you can be sure of one thing: you have entered The Twilight Zone.”Yesterday when I saw that TIME Magazine had chosen Greta Thunberg as the person of the year I realized that we indeed have entered into the Twilight Zone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBWc6R2lJjg&feature=emb_logo. It’s a place where adults have made children their leaders, either because of virtue signaling or political intimidation. The willingness of adults to listen to teenagers rather than themselves is a sign that we are in a sort of Twilight Zone, where the “Wisdom of a Child” is supposed to supplant the “Wisdom of the Elders.” The transformation of a teen schoolgirl into the global conscience for Climate Change is driven by the imperative of reversing the relationship between adults and children. Greta and her message really did not faze me up until the point she spoke at the World Forum and began to scold everyone for not doing enough for Climate Change.  Her demeanor went from hubris to anger in seconds and the most chilling of all is that after she scolded everyone in the room especially the adults they applauded just like the adults that acquiesced to the young boy in the Twilight Zone. It was surreal and when I or anyone else attempted to explain how this was not normal we were met with derision, being told that we are threatened by a little girl or that we are picking on a little girl. No, there is no threat to me or anyone else – it is just a threat to the order of things where a child tells an adult or a group of adults what to do.

She like any other child at that age is at that moment where what she wants is more important than what others want –and that no one should get in her way. We were all at that age – the age where we would not take no for an answer and demand to get what we wanted, ASAP – or else. In the case of Greta Thunberg, many people are of the belief that she truly cares about Climate Change when in reality all she is doing is virtue signaling and simply refuses to think about anybody outside of herself and has hijacked the moment to make it all about her. After seeking out more information on Time’s person of the year it was revealed that Greta forced her parents to adopt a vegan diet and bullied her mother to give up her career because it involved air travel. But her parents get a little revenge on exploiting Greta’s fears and making her TIME’s Person of the Year. However there is a deeper problem that this being illustrated with this “award” or this adoration by the climate cult and that is the authority of adulthood is in crisis. Adulthood is increasingly associated with negative attributes and grownups feel less and less able to provide guidance to young people. The flip side of the erosion of adult authority is the tendency to look to young people for solutions and answers. That is why Western society’s depreciation of adulthood coexists with adulation of the supposed wisdom of children. Again this is certainly or Twilight Zone moment where the manifestation of this trend is the spectacle of politicians and dignitaries intently listening to Greta at high profile international meetings. To add to the creepiness of it all, a thunderous standing ovation is guaranteed by the mere appearance of Greta. She could stare blindly into an audience and grunt and it would be seen as a brilliant message for all to hear. What people fail to see is that what she really represents is an infantilized political culture that has lost its way and ironically needs a child to tell them what to do. What terrifies me is that when the political culture allows this to happen – they don’t take into consideration that when you bestow upon a child so much power – you are saying that it is okay to condemn the older generations.

Greta has been more than ready to rise to the occasion. The theme of adult irresponsibility has been her most common refrain – appearing in her lecture to the United Nations climate change summit as far back as a year ago, and in every major speech she has made this year. “Since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago,” she said last December. “We have to understand what the older generation has dealt to us, what mess they have created that we have to clean up and live with.” This has sparked a whole cadre of young Green demonstrators that have readily embraced the narrative of adults are the problem. Posters declaring, ‘You’ll Die of Old Age, We’ll Die of Climate Change’ or ‘I Am Ditching School Because You Are Ditching Our Future’ point the finger of blame at slothful adults who are supposedly responsible for the imminent early deaths of their offspring.  Encouraging children to revolt against their parents, their elders and other adults sets a very bad precedent. Greta represents that revolt – that attack on parents and elders. Since it is wrapped in shiny political wrapping paper with a green bow – people who see where this is leading are shamed and told to shut up. However, it has to be said that now that the boomers are in larger numbers – the young people see it as a threat and so do left wing law makers that believe they are losing a lot of their constituents to old age. We live in an era where older people are becoming irrelevant and the old axiom of respect for elders is no longer applicable. The young and the woke want to vote because they feel they are outnumbered. Twenty countries have granted 16- and 17-year-olds the right to vote. A handful of American cities have done the same for local elections. They can do this because states generally regulate their own voting laws, as do cities that are governed by their own charters. The 26th Amendment states only that 18 is the minimum age at which voting rights must be protected; it doesn’t prohibit cities and states from making it even lower.  In 2013, Takoma Park, Maryland, became the first US city to lower the voting age for local elections to 16, and early data points suggest that the experiment has been successful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leVIWuiX18M&feature=emb_logo.

In an off-year local election that would normally yield a low voter turnout, 17 percent of the city’s voting-eligible 16- and 17-year-olds cast ballots. That might sound low, but it was was double the 8.5-percent turnout of those 18 and up. The way people raise their children has much to do with how they were raised and the area that they live. Though people are raised with many diverse values, one common value is respect. Of course, this is in the past. Many people have strayed away from the tradition in the way they were raised. It is understood that not all tradition should be up held when time changes, but the foundation of tradition should be maintained. The question should also be asked: Are parents more disengaged with their kids because of technology? Is this why there is this parental blaming being generated in the world? In today’s age, it is not uncommon for a child or teen/ young adult to be contemptuous towards an elder. Disrespect was deeply feared in the past because there would be severe consequences in result of the flippant behavior towards adults. The behavior of children today is more than just talking back. Toddlers and even small children yell orders at their parents or hit them if their desires aren’t met. Even in these circumstances, there are no parental instructions that this is not to be done again. Teenagers rebel by putting themselves in harmful situations, doing drugs, and running away. Teachers have to deal with protestant, arrogant, and rude students because children no longer have any concern for the respect of elders. One question to ask is, “where is this path taking us?” If the negative behaviors of today’s youth have escalated so much already, the problem is going to keep growing if not addressed. An issue left unsolved does not dissipate.  In the U.K. treatment of the elderly, especially by men is getting so bad that they are actually considering making it a hate crime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EbliLnjZEk&feature=emb_logo. 

 Ageism and Misandry have become subjects to be evaluated as of late. The elderly will be considered a protected class. Could this be a future problem in the United States? Is it already a problem? We also know that with concerns being brought up by the youth about overpopulation, we can only imagine what awaits the elderly in this country. A time in the not too distant future where something like Euthanasia of the elderly could be presented as a viable option to pluck out those who are a burden on the planet. Since Canada legalized euthanasia in 2016, there have been at least 6,749 cases of medically assisted deaths, with over 803 dead in the first 6 months of legalization. 2018 saw Canada’s euthanasia figures soar with over 3000 Canadians killed by their doctor. In England, a poll was taken that showed nearly half of the British population is concerned that if the option of ending one’s life was made legal, some people would feel pressured into killing themselves. It is becoming increasingly evident that suicide laws could lead to vulnerable people seeing suicide as a treatment option, so as not to be a burden to others or even a burden on the environment. It’s a disturbing thought but not a new one. State-assisted mass suicide has been a recurring motif of postwar science fiction. As the impacts of pollution and resource pressures multiplied, it became easy to imagine a future hostile to the comforts and pleasures of old age – a future where the young see the old as a liability to climate and the survival of the planet. The novel upon which “Soylent Green” is based, Harry Harrison’s 1966 “Make Room! Make Room!” depicts a state of open generational warfare that paints a grim picture of state sanctioned geronticide. Its opening pages find a gangland version of the AARP called “the Eldsters” marching in protest from Madison Square Garden to Union Square. Their 65-year-old leader, Kid Reeves, urges militant protests against cuts to their rations of plankton-protein stores. Food riots in the city ensue and the older generations feel that they are being singled out for death because of resource depletion. Soylent Green was set in the year 2022. This all sounds extreme but how far can this adult and elder blaming go before we find ourselves on the road to geronticide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGirsRZik_c&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yavxyuRu-SA&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHUVJc7Lubk&feature=emb_logo. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Councilwoman-says-a-cruise-ship-at-Oakland-s-14897717.php. https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/03/chippy-calls-cops-teachers-act-like-bouncers-stopping-kids-buying-food-11260200/?fbclid=IwAR0lRGbOGHs54acjOJtfgLXmxzUmrzzibEZQvYR1q4h8q1QvW605Hz2W2Qg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlPPBt85a7g&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P0rSnt2HSU&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqMCjEs9oxE&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqMCjEs9oxE&feature=emb_logo. https://www.activistpost.com/2019/12/doctors-scientists-health-professionals-engineers-and-public-advocates-ask-trump-for-a-5g-moratorium.html. 

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