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Daughters Of Conservative Christian Confederacy To March on Capitol in 2020; Will Demand Restoration Of Christian Religious Rights With Unfettered Sexual Access to Black Men, As Guaranteed by Bible

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Joy to the World!

God Bless Us, Every One! 

It's Christmastime, back in the Years 1776 - 1860 in America, and out in the RED States, with our Southern Conservative Christian RIGHT...the Holy Spirit is awakening!!!!


Missus Plantation Owner: Praise Jesus! I'm feelin' the Christmas Spirit tonight, after those mint juleps!

I (giggle) need my bells jingled! Sally Girl! You lazy House Maid! You go right now and tell Jules to go find me that big black buck Ulysses!

Then you get his Black azz up to my bedchamber!" You know the Master won't be back from Virginia until next week Sunday!"

Sally Girl: "Yassum, Ma'am. You be needin' a REAL man. Can see it in your eyes."


15 minutes later....... 

Missus: "Yes, yes, yes! Lord above, Ulysses! You hit my spot! More! More! My Mandingo! My Mandingo!"

Ulysses: "Yassum, Missus. You shore are pretty. Anytime you is wantin' a REAL man, you just calls for Ulysses, whenever Massa's away......you shore he ain't never gonna find out 'bout dis, Missus?" 

Missus: "He wouldn't know how to find his way into my bedroom, my Stallion...he's either drunk or asleep, that's my husband.

Or he's out back every night raping our little 8 and 10 year-old Slave girls.....the bastard. 

Well. Thank Jesus and the Lord Himself that I am granted ownership of you, my Ulysses!"

Ulysses: "Yassum, Ma'am. Whatever dat Holy Bible say, Ma'am. Yes Ma'am!"

So....you want Ulysses come back here again, tomorrow night?"




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