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Please troll everyone. We are trying to ruin this forum.


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Just now, Hankk said:

Whats the fun if you can't mock and ridicule each other, it' like a dysfunctional Family. Of course there is always that family member that has thin skin and act's like a Little Bitch.

Yeah... frankly no-holds-barred should be just that. I say do away with the ridiculous rules... Like anyone who threatens me is really going to be able to carry it out.

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2 hours ago, kking said:


Have you made an effort at being polite and not insulting other members?

Yes...but I've learned over the years it simply doesn't work.


Take Imgreatagain...many times she's taken the high road with leftists yet they don't hesitate to smear her.


None of us are perfect, but in most cases the left is impossible to have a real debate with.

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