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I just want to say, I'm grateful to have an appropriate place to air out my grievances about certain people's debating style. And I haven't been called out in a thread title on any forum for like ten years, so I'm flattered. Some things I think that make for BAD or NO debate:

1. Insulting people in a personal way

2. Calling people a troll when then rebut one of your arguments

3. Bringing up the distant past as if that is an argument in the topic at hand

4. Being dismissive or hostile to arguments contrary to your beliefs

5. Pettiness

6. Using those lame phrases like "dimocrat" or "Republikkkan" and things of that sort on a frequent basis. Really undermines the point you're trying to make.

7. NEVER conceding a mistake or flawed argument when it's pointed out (being publicly humble once in a while is very refreshing, btw)

8. Telling people they should kill themselves. This is one of the most toxic and despicable things you can say to anyone, no matter what the context. If you've ever done this, I think you should step back and reflect on your manner of communicating. 

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12 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

Dumbduck is a pest. KKing is a reasonable sort.

Trolling does not make people leave. IGNORE dumbduck. You will miss nothing.

You are second to LW when it comes to spewing hate. Pot...kettle...black. 

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Just now, ConConfounder said:


KKKking promotes stupidity and lies, and complains endlessly like a butthurt Trumpanzee. Debunk his bullshyt and lies!

He's your conservative doppelganger. Generally well worded and thought out arguments. That must bug you at a very deep level. 

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