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Psychological Weaponization As Reproductively Spaced Apart Now.

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Intellectual relative time is a guide to survive socially as spontaneously here since conceived lasting physically until decomposed, while living as individually here works  birth to dead never beyond simultaneously alive in current point of kinetically displaced.


What makes living a self evident experience for each reproduction adapting to the momentas constructed ancestrally inception until extinction.  Everyone's idealistic big picture is on now tpo control social oucomes from now on pretending being alive cannot be contained by one point of universal perpetual balancing details never duplicated up till now and from here on.


Realities agrue potential differences of opinions between each lifetime present, life operates never existing outside being part of the moment here.


Yet everyone disgrees with me regardless their spiritual or scientific theology or theories making theists central control for open social debates steming from institutioonal collectivism of majoority controlled by speculation dictate what the rest must follow in context over content observation life is more than being eternally spaced apart as reproduced so far.


Go ahead and pick a beliefe real doesn't matter as all realities govern by preventing everyone from recognizing now is eternity and look at history of your own narrative making sure everyone regardless what side they side with, all sides agree now cannot be limited to reproductions compounding here now.  The irony is, it is how it always has and will continue to function in plain sight of one another.

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