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René Auberjunois (Constable Odo) 1940-2019

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7 hours ago, sole result said:

You are a character pretending to not be part of a thugocracy.

You are an incoherent nut spewing word salad.

10 hours ago, Old Mack said:

Just think...if Trump was killed in a plane crash;  you' be glad he was dead and wished his family went with him.




If Trump were dead I WOULD INDEED be glad, but his family would pose no threat to anyone.

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18 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

If Trump were dead I WOULD INDEED be glad....


I can't believe the hate mongers around here call me a racist !


BTW: If René Auberjunois whole family died in a plane crash I wouldn't give a FK...I never likes any of them anyhow.  BUT I still wouldn't wish death on them...it will come along fast enough without me.

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7 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

You are an incoherent nut spewing word salad.


You are an individual that loaths your natural point of kinetically displaced as an equally reproduced homo sapien.  You insist real doesn't matter and reality is all that counts as long as it is your ideology being the core defintion of societal evolution one generation after another.  A developed mind only defends what the group wished were true and all hell will come upon anyone representing how life doesn't exceed the time each gets spontaneously here.


The worlds created in theaters of doubt institutionalizing denying what life is as ancestrally played out historically directing the same outcomes one generation after another promising better days tomorrow for total dedication of maybe from now on.


Hell of a way to treat being eternally sorted apart now.  Everything you do is designed to work against existing as naturally positioned in an ever changing body and population living simultaneously here as spontaneously adapting at the same time since conceived, born, pledging to honor hypothetical standards come hell or high water.


People blowing themselves up or climate change.  Your ideas of how life should exist suck and do not come close to why living doesn't exceed being spaced apart as one of a kind all the time each gets to live here as long as they get.

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