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Trump Not Being Impeached on Briber?

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What gives?


You girls were first crying there was quid pro quo. Then you girls poll tested that and found out people responded to bribery better. Now we come out with the impeachment charges and the issue at the center of all this BS circus act you girls have been dragging us all through is not even a charge. There is only abuse of power and obstructing justice. AHAHAAHAH Make up your mind on which fake charge you are going to smear Trump with. 


The executive branch and the legislative branch are co-equal branches of government. You can't just tell the executive branch to do something and expect them to fall in line and it isn't obstruction if they don't comply. The matter goes to the judicial branch to decide the outcome then the other two branches have to abide by that ruling. Since the democrats who are making this crap up didn't take their subpoenas to court, there isn't any obstruction of justice, in fact Trump gave up all the evidence to the matter at hand with in a day or two of this fake issue being made up. LOL This charge is a non-starter. 


The second one is completely vague, especially since it relies on someone assumed something and the rest was someone said they heard someone say Trump said something. To top it off the "whistle blower" has not even testified.. 


LMAO! Worst impeachment effort ever. LOL Nice job at wasting everyone's time Democrats. LOL

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