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To all the LIB "men" on here...

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49 minutes ago, CrimeaRiver said:

Are you:


1. Basic Fag

2. Cuckold

4. Gender-Tard

5. Tranny

6. Mix of all the above

Dude, continually listing all the people in the World that make your wee widdle knees quake and your effeminate upper-lip tremble isn't going to help you get through all the scary things that go bump in the night.

Here's a thought. You're a Conservative, which means historically, you and your Cult have been proven WRONG, about everything you've fought for, and everything you've fought against. Because all forms of cultural and societal change absolutely terrifies you....your Fate is unchangeable.

Your regressive and utterly-failed conspiracies, your ideological constraints, and your innate, idiotic belief-system re the surrounding World and your own fellow human beings just dooms you to always be left holding (or swinging) an empty sack.

You are THE Laughingstock of humanity...the literal example of "Room Retards."

You are a permanent member of the Follower Class.


Maybe just accept that you are forever going to be a million miles behind the curve. It will be less painful for you when we take your tiny balls and make thimbles out of them.


Yeah, it must suck to have to swallow that fact that America now deems "Conservative" or "Trumper" or "Republican" as a synonym for 'LOSER."

Sheesh. Maybe you aren't praying hard enough? Or to the wrong Imaginary Gods? 



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